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The Whole Point: Keep the Eyes Peeled and Always Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Friday, August 31st, 2007

I let the last post in THE *NIXEDBLOG marinate in the minds of the readers.  I understand that people out there were confused.  The punchline of the last entry, the main idea, slipped right by you.  In a sense, it was intentional.  When a vehicle goes from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds, anyone near said vehicle tends to be taken by surprise.  It snuck up on ’em so fast, they didn’t see it coming.  That’s the whole point of the last post.

You see, it is a proven fact that Microsoft did finance political campaigns on both sides  of the aisle in 2000.  When helios asked, “What if?” concerning Linux and Homeland Security, he wasn’t joking.  He was serious.  A wise individual prepares for any scenario and does not allow things to sneak up on them.  Now that I grabbed your attention with the previous entry, allow me to explain a few things that need to be done and soon.

  1. The seeds about FOSS need to be planted in the minds of others who may or may not have heard of such a thing.  I did some research, and I’ll give you an example: I conducted a poll on The PrisonPlanet Forum to gauge how interested people would be in using alternatives to Microsoft-based solutions.  As you can see through the link, people are definitely interested.
  2. An advertising blitz needs to happen now.  I started it, but I need to continue it whenever I can.  Whether it’s advertising on other sites, or in magazines or newspapers or radio or television, it needs to happen right now!  The next item will disturb some individuals, but it needs to be said:
  3. Money needs to be raised, and support of businesses using FOSS would be a wise decision.  Sierra Online and other companies were referred to as The Brotherhood back in the day, and with good reason: The market was not even mature at the time, and by helping each other, they actually prospered better than if each company would have did things on their own.  For example, one computer game group would do a race car game, and another would do an adventure game, thus giving the consumer more variety to choose from.  😀

I understand that some out there may have a problem when money is mentioned.  However, Firefox was shown in the New York Times for one reason: the advertising money was raised for it.  Now how does an ad like this appear in the Washington Post?  Whether you agree with the point of view or not (the publication in question is long dead, and there are those in the political underground who don’t trust Mike Ruppert anyway), it still needs to be understood: money was required to pay for that ad!  It’s a cold hard reality that needs to be understood.

The talent is already coming together via The Tux Project and other sites.  However, money will be required for funding television, radio, and print ads.  Linux needs to be in the minds of mom and dad.  Tux and GNU needs to become household names.  So how?  I’m all ears for now.  Stay tuned though, as I’m thinking of an idea that could potentially work.

From Zero to Holy $&*#!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

In the course of human events, stupidity may occur.  Dan Marshall, a friend of mine once told me the following:

“Evil will screw you over.  Stupid will screw everybody over!”

This is the very reason why I am not a fan of the MPAA and RIAA, otherwise known as the movie and music mafias respectively.  I want you to imagine this for a moment: Microsoft does not have a monopoly and it would seem to be impossible for them to become one, right?  Well, what if I were to tell you that there may be an opening for them to become one by default?

You think this is crazy, don’t you?  Allow the education to begin…

Problem > Reaction > Solution.

It is a three part scenario taught to me over and over again.  Imagine if a terrorist, real or imagined (or labeled… take your pick), were to run a Linux-based system and were to get “caught.”  A problem, or a perceived problem has arrived, and the people react with fear.  Restrictions do not quite work, as one could easily run virtual machine software in order to keep running Linux-based systems.  There is one problem: It is quite easy for an influential group or groups to create imaginary problems so that an audience that is targeted will indeed react and then request they solve the problem.

What if Linux and Free and Open Source Software became illegal to use due to “national security?”  Never mind the fact that the American military uses it.  Never mind the fact that Microsoft funded both political parties in the year 2000.  Never mind that Richard Stallman has accused Microsoft of enabling terrorism in the first place.

So what can be done?  Like helios, I would also recommend showing everyone you know that there are alternatives to Windows.  There needs to be advertising, especially on television.  Now imagine if a commercial were seen during the SuperBowl!  However, everyone must work quickly!  The Tux Project is a good place to start for those who have no idea where to start.  I am doing my part by attempting to blitz radio talk show hosts, starting with the political underground.  Look on that very site for a suggestion pertaining to that soon enough.  Either way, it’s time to get to work, now!  The more people who are using FOSS, the better.

Some Radio Talk Show Blitzing Talking Points for Everyone!

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Okay, I’m going to give them to everyone without much fanfare.  Here we go.

Left Leaning Host

Okay. I’ll admit that I’m not in the parameters of left or right wing. However, I know that plenty of talk show hosts are. Some may claim to be Libertarian, which is fine with me.  However, appealing to their sense of reason is easy enough.  A lot of those who consider themselves leftist or liberal per se have complained in the past about AT&T and the NSA.  Think wiretapping and whatnot.  Here’s a few talking points:

Those are just a few talking points for those hosts who are “left leaning.”

Right Leaning Host

So what do you do if you run into a Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh? Well, take a gander at these points.

  •  Money is leaving this country and not coming back due to outsourcing overseas when one pays for a Microsoft product.  Whether it’s technical support in India, or turning their backs on software piracy in China (in addition to giving away copies of Vista at $7 a pop).  The important point: they are attempting to expand and are attempting to force good, hard working Americans to pay for their expansion and any “loss” they have in China.
  • With Linux-based systems, and other Free and Open Source Software, a great deal of the support centers are here in America.  They helping to create more jobs in this country in other words.  Wall Street is now using FOSS on their servers for example.
  • As a parent, you can share the software with your entire family without having to go out and buy other “licensed” copies, thus saving the entire family money.
  • Conservates (real ones anyway) often believe in not wasting tax payer money.  If an open standard for doing documents and sending them via e-mail (, and yes, they can convert to PDF really quickly), taxpayers wouldn’t have to be bilked so copies of Microsoft Office and other software could be purchased and used.

Anything in the Political Underground

That’s the easiest of all.  Whether it’s someone sending a news tip to Alex Jones or listening to a show on Coast to Coast AM via the Internet, Linux-based systems give users more flexibility.  I have looked at the Political Underground myself, and have noticed one thing: there is a genuine interest in FOSS.  They want to get rid of Microsoft if at all possible.  Here are some talking points for these hosts:

  • If you really want to stick it to the man, then why are you using the tools they want to enslave you with?
  • Your documentaries can be watched and copied using these types of systems.
  • Listeners using these operating systems can listen to your radio program online.
  • Your audience can visit your sites with no problem.
  • They can e-mail you too.
  • Since the code is open to be seen by all, no tricks can be pulled against anybody security-wise… not even by the NSA!

Those are pretty much the talking points, and in the case of the third category, pieces of them can be applied to the other categories.  Remember: research the host you plan on talking to and any guests that they have on, before doing so.  I’m already covering the Political Underground, because I’ve followed it long enough.  The other two categories are going to need some coverage.

Radio Talk Show Blitzing Progress Report: Midnight Rider.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Okay, some disclosure is first in order.  For starters, I am a host on TruthNet Radio.  Justin Breithaupt of and I air every Saturday from 2 to 4 PM Central Standard Time.  That being said, Mike Chambers if the founder and owner of the network I mentioned.  He is also a radio talk show host on the Republic Broadcasting Network, and on that network, he has a show called The Midnight Rider (think Paul Revere).

First of all, kudos goes out to RBN for plugging VLC, which is an excellent media player (it even does DVDs!).   That is a step in the right direction as far as I am concerned.  Now for the call into The Midnight Rider.  How did it go?

At first, pretty well, then the two hosts let some common misconceptions prevent them from at least discussing the possibility of other listeners migrating away from Microsoft.  The comments about the command line or a DLL (NEWS FLASH: THERE ARE NO DLLS IN LINUX… THEY ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF FILES, AND 99% OF THE TIME, AN EVERYDAY USER DOES NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEM!) indicates that the two people on the air are five years behind.  Not good.  Here’s the question for those in the political underground:

  1. Do you listen to Internet Radio?
  2. Do you watch documentaries and video presentations on DVD, Youtube, Google Video, etc…?
  3. Do you look for news tips for said radio talk show hosts bringing you a different point of view?
  4. Do you hang out at user forums  concerning these points of view?
  5. Do you Instant Message?
  6. Do you copy said DVD videos and hand them out to people?
  7. Do you check your e-mail?
  8. Do you write documents and would like to publish in PDF for free?

In a Linux based system, you can.  Will you have to go through the command line?  No.  You will not.  The only time stuff under the hood had to be fiddled with was when a friend of mine wanted to install an obscure printer device and wanted to try video editing (which is accelerating at a rapid pace).  Other than that, Ubuntu 7.04 fulfilled his needs.  I wasn’t talking about the hosts themselves, but the listeners.  I should have clarified.  It is also important to note that I am able to record audio using PCLinuxOS and Audacity.

It was not all bad news however.  To his credit, Mike did say he would have on guests to talk about it in the future.  Mike, if you’re reading this, I will follow up my friend.  Count on it.  😉

All in all, I have learned a few lessons thus far:

  • Do more research on any guests that the hosts are going to have on the program, so I don’t leave them out in the dark.  I want to include them as well.  I also need to better tailor what I have to say for them.
  •  I got deadlined on Deadline Live, because my timing was off, period.  I need to better choose a talk show host when I know I have more time.  They hadn’t opened their phone lines yet.  Whoops.  Oh well.

As for those concerned about me not throwing this into the Tux Project ring, I should have said this: I won’t do it…. yet!  If you have no clue where to start, and you are way too shy to do the radio blitz thing, perhaps there is a specialty that may come in handy for them.  Teamwork is good, but it doesn’t mean going by organization.  Too much organization results in bureaucracy, which slows everything down to a crawl.  Not rushing is a good thing, but moving at the speed of molasses is detrimental as well, which is why working on multiple ends will be more effective.  That way, the PR team up in Redmond won’t be able to easily counter what is being done now, especially if several hundreds of efforts on multiple ends in multiple ways and styles are being implemented and executed.

So keep an eye on this everyone.  This is useful for everybody.  Lessons can easily be learned, and I do welcome feedback.  If you are a first time commenter, I have to approve your comment, which I will with no problem (unless it’s a spambot… lol), but after that, you have free reign to comment.  Larry Cafiero showed some concern over what I was doing while liking the idea at the same time.  I appreciate him for doing that and it is because of his concern that I am going to reconsider the whole thing on the Tux Project.  I will submit my idea next week.  I’m doing this hands on, because I know I’ll learn more.  For those who don’t know who Larry is, it’s okay.  Just visit, his excellent website on FOSS news.  You won’t be disappointed.

In closing, I will continue on, and I have had one person asking me how to sign up.  You don’t have to sign up for anything.  Just pick up the phone and dial your favorite host.  Just e-mail your stories here:  Drop your stories in my inbox if you want me to post them (I’ll give credit where it is due, but don’t remain anonymous… give me a screen name, a handle, something to name this post to…).

Progress Report: Deadlined at Deadline Live…

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

No big deal.  I’ll have to try Midnight Rider tonight.  I’ll try Deadline Live again when I have more time available.  For people who want ways to tailor arguments to any target hosts, here’s some talking points:

  •  Those who are in the “Conservative” or “right wing” crowd: A lot of them will prefer stuff in America and more, believe it or not.  Here’s how you can attempt to convince them to talk about Linux.  Every time that you pay for a Microsoft product, that money goes straight out of the country, whether it is tech support in India or giving away copies of Windows Vista in China.  In other words, the corporation is attempting a major loss leader business-wise, and they are trying to make people in this country pay for it.  Once the market share is established, those in the freebie zone per se will be punished.  If it happened here in America with Windows 95, it will happen with Windows Vista in China and other countries.
  • The “liberal” or “left wing” crowd: A lot of stories have been available concerning wiretapping and backdoors in computers.  Vista was “evaluated” by NS&A, the same group who apparently did a bunch of wiretapping, which has come under scrutiny.  Put civil liberties and enabling people to become the media.
  • The stick it to the man variety: Very easy!  Use a Matrix analogy.  I don’t care.  Here’s the deal.  Ask them, “If you’re gonna stick it to The Man, why are you using their restrictive tools, when you can break through the limits?”

Those are three talking points for a potential generic audience.  It doesn’t matter who the host is, but… make sure you do your research before calling into a show, and research the guest that they may have.  That way, you can tailor the argument to where they can relate to it.  😉

Radio Talk Show Blitzing Progress Report: The Power Hour.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

After being on hold for several, several minutes, I finally got through to an operator, and luckily, I was the first caller, as well as a first time caller to the program.  I have not had the opportunity to listen to their show as much as I need to listen, but go ahead and check these guys out: they’re very interesting, and one thing they are not is boring.  They are very entertaining, and that’s the whole point of the magazine and site here: entertain first, so everything else is enjoyable.

The Power Hour broadcasts in Versailles, Missouri, and today’s show had a guest by the name of Stan Deyo, who is very, very fascinating.  His wife, Holly, has a book called Prudent Places USA as well.  They were talking somewhat about preparedness and survival, and the perfect talking point came to mind: a lot people would love to prepare for a disaster just in case, but…. they’re busy wasting their money on an Operating System and applications that prohibit, not increase, their productivity.  I’m talking about Windows Vista and Office 2007.

I asked them if they would cover Linux in future shows, and Joyce Riley told me to send them some information, which I am about to do.  Wish me luck.  Next target: Jack Blood.

And So it Begins

Monday, August 20th, 2007

I am about to start something very important for FOSS.  Will you join me?

Welcome back everyone.  If you didn’t get a chance to do so, read the latest post from helios entitled, “Cutting the Velvet Chain.”  It was newly revised and updated, with Serendipity, which apparently screws with a thing or two on one’s own blog.  I know how that is.  Recently, 1and1 did an upgrade of WordPress (or at least, got rid of their 1and1 theme), thus causing me to have to re-enable Rich Text style editing, which is what I liked about WordPress in the first place.  Oh well, I digress.

The important thing that needs to be said now is quite simple: The work starts now.  The Tux Project is a good place to go and look at ideas and chime in on your opinion.  Brainstorming sessions are a great idea, and I hope many ideas come out of that Project.  I capitalized the P for a good reason… it’s a very important project.  However, action must follow the ideas.  I came up with an idea of my own, and I’m not going to throw it into the Tux Project ring.  Why?  It’s simple: Teamwork.  If too many people are throwing ideas into the ring and are not following through with any of them, everything stops dead in its tracks eventually.  Not good.  I have an idea and a plan, and I’m following through with it.  Multiple actions are required in order to succeed in the promotion of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).  Brainstorming is one of them.

The plan I’m promoting is quite simple: planting the seeds.  I have done so here, here, and here.  The next part of the plan is to start doing it on a bigger scale.  How?  The people on all three of those links, two of them being from the same site, have not only migrated away in some instances, but have also expressed interest.  These are people who are the “Stick it to the Man” variety.  How can they do so if they’re using The Man’s software and applications.  So starting tomorrow, I’ll be giving a certain radio talk show a call, and I’ll let people know how things go.  I am also calling for other people to contact radio talk show hosts, no matter their leanings.  It’s very easy to tailor your argument to their point of view, which I will elaborate on within a few days.  For now, go to this site:

And look at the list of talk show hosts they have.  The call in number for most of their programs are 1-800-259-9231!  I will be starting with The Power Hour tomorrow by calling in and suggesting that they start talking about FOSS.  If you listen to other forms of radio, such as mainstream AM/FM, XM, or Sirius, call in to their shows.  I don’t care if it’s Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh.  I don’t care if it’s Fox Radio or Air America!  People need to know that they do in fact have a choice in what software can run on their computers!  You already have the tools to convince most of these hosts to seriously think about it.  Now, I have one question to end, which is the same one when I began: Will you join me?

Get Ready. There’s Work to be Done!

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

First, I want you to read this blog entry from helios.  I want you to contemplate that for a while.  I also want you, the reader to note that I walk in different circles than a lot of people.  First, I want you to check this out.  One of the people who said yes in that small poll was myself.  One other person has cut the velvet chains from their wrists, thus effectively unshackling themselves.

About four of the forum members on the Jack Blood forum have started to think about it.  The seeds were planted long ago.  Three more are seriously considering it.  That makes a potential of seven people who could very well make the switch given enough time.

Now read this.  This is a newly formed forum on the Prison Planet website.  There are even a couple of people who are seriously thinking about walking away from the boys and girls in Redmond.  Prison Planet is an online news site run by Paul Joseph Watson, who is a talented writer.  However, who owns that site overall?  Alex Jones, who lives in Austin, Texas.  Somebody in the FOSS community tried to approach him, but to no avail.  Suffice it to say…….. stuff happens.  Upon finding out, it ultimately dawned on me who needs to be the focus of the discussion first and foremost: you.  That’s right.  You there.  Reading this blog post here and now.  You may want to take a look at this.  It may not make sense at first, but give it a day or two.  It will come to you.  I promise.

Your head must be spinning right now.  Are you alright?  You look awfully confused there.  That’s perfectly alright.  For a jolt of cold hard reality that you can definitely understand, take a look at the latest entry from helios.  Slowly.  Read it word for word.  I’m talking verbatim here.  When you’re done, ask yourself, “Am I angry yet?  Am I pi$&@# off yet?”  You need to be, for poor Ed was not the only one taken advantage of.  The computer industry has become like the cheap car industry, where a buyer is hustled to the newer model, only to find out that it was rotting on the inside.  Oh, and by the way, the engine is about to fall out completely, and those tires….. you don’t want to know where they’ve been.  Bait and switch, fake repair, and bait and switch some more.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: the fun has just started.  I will give you a hint.  I don’t care where you stand politically right now.  This is something that will affect, and ultimately hurt, all of us!  Wait until Monday.  It will start making sense for all of you.

How To Get A Full Refund For The Preinstalled Microsoft Software That Comes On Your PC!

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Click Here To Listen
In this episode you will hear a Live phone call between me and ACER Aspire after calling ACER and asking if they would give me a refund the first time they told me that Wall Mart put the Microsoft software on the computers and all they did was Hardware. Then I went to Wall Mart, After I went to Wall Mart they told me to Call ACER because they get the laptops straight from acer to each store. I called them at the store and ACER agreed this time. I went home and called ACER this is the conversation you are listening to with guy number 3 and then finaly 4. Now I can return Microsoft WIndows Vista to ACER! Finaly a MS Free computer. WHA HA HA I finaly got threw to someone who understood the EULA! YAY Cool ACER needs to better train their employees on the EULA and their return policy.

Letting the cat out of the bag Ultumix The Ultumite Linux Distrobution!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Ultumix [WWW]

Ultumix is a new idea for the Linux community. The idea here is to allow users to directly complain about the problems in all the distros and tell us about the Features they want that are in or are not in any of the distros. The end result will be a mix between Ubuntu / Vector Linux / and PCLinuxOS. This mix will have the following key features:

1. A version without a bloated kernel striped down like Vector Linux to run with only 64 MB of RAM 2. Automaticaly installs most common features that everyone agrees should be included with Linux but does not auto start these apps until the user specifies that they do. 3a. Allows for Debian, RPM, Windows Executables, and regular soruce code to be compiled and installed on one distro. 3b. Has the ability to install a Server / Desktop kernel as an update. 4. Have a Media Center Based version that has LinuxMCE installed on it. 5. Have a Server edition that has only server components but can have desktop components added later from the same package manager.

In short it will have everything the user wants and nothing that they don’t.

I need help accessing the CVS repositories and uploading the CLFS that we will base this on.

It will run on x86 x64 and PPC. Any help would be much appreciated.