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PCLinuxOS — The first 24 hours!

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Well, okay, it was about equivalent to a day since I installed the OS on my Sony Vaio VGN-S660 notebook, but I’ve also installed on my e-Machines desktop machine as well.  I’ve gotta say, I’m already impressed.  😀

First of all, it’s gorgeous.  The interface is very impressive.  The title bars of all the windows are transparent.  In other words, pieces of the the desktop wallpaper are visible.  The same goes for the main bar in KDE on the bottom.  It looks very wonderful, and installation took much less than an hour.  I was so stoked!

I am currently .93 BigDaddy, and I am very pleased with the results.  I often use KDE-centric applications for the most part.  When a web page renders poorly, I view it in Firefox instead.  I’m taking a break from my Accounting homework, which I am completing using’s Calc, a spreadsheet program that is very comparable to Microsoft Excel.  Thus far, I am very impressed.  My PCMCIA Sound Blaster card was even picked up, and yes, it works just fine ladies and gentlemen.  Also, getting the nvidia drivers working took no trouble at all.  I have 3D functionality as you are reading this.  With the push for Linux to becoming a true contender, and I say that it is right around the corner, I plan on running mostly PCLinuxOS as I feel it is one of the best distributions of all time.  I even like their name as it reminds me of PC-DOS.  😉

So, go on over and grab a copy of this awesome system.  It will cost much less than Windows XP, and will require much less than Windows Vista to run.

Note: This isn’t a review per se, but my experience with the OS.  I can do everything I want, from surfing the net to IM’ing.  We’ll see how the system functions throughout February.  Also, I am going to be looking for more test machines to try out various distributions on.