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The Problem With L33T Geeks

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

It’s something you’ll run into sooner or later.  “What?!  You’re too easy!  You’re not Linux.  You’re killing the command line!”  Yup.  The l33tists out there have a problem and it needs to be addressed soon.  Now am I saying this as someone who only wants a GUI and no command line whatsoever?  Of course not.  I use the terminal occasionally, and find it more flexible and nifty than the DOS command prompt in Windows.  I don’t need to use it everyday though, especially if all I want to do is burn a frickin’ CD.  That’s sort of how the business mind set is too.

They want to get their work done.  That’s all.  Time is money, and they don’t want to waste either on learning what the grep command does to a file, the complexities of fsck, or the inner workings of the cat command.  They want to type memos.  They want to write letters and reports.  They want to keep track of their budget.  They simply want to make running their business easier.

That’s why I get very irritated when “Joe Sixpack” and “Sally Soccermom” are essentially told that they are too stupid to learn FOSS, and that they should stick to Winbloze.  While we’re on the subject, there are fanatics of Apple who are slamming Steve Ballmer (though snorting something might explain why he acts so…… strange….), but they forget one thing.  Who has money invested in Apple?  Oh, I’m sorry: Microsoft!  I digress though.

All throughout the various IT fields, computer industries, etc, I have seen the biggest problem: elitism, or as I like the new label, l33tism.  You see, people who think that if you only want a graphical interface makes you a dufus fall into this category.  They don’t want you to be able to use the alternatives to Microsoft software, because then they’d no longer feel superior.  That’s right.  I said it.  They don’t want to share folks.  They pretend they do, but only with other l33ts.  You see, Bill Gosper of MIT Tech Square fame actually came to the realization that this was a dangerous thing after watching a rocket head out to space.  He realized that the hackers on the ninth floor of that building back in Boston were limiting themselves and were not truly sharing.  Richard Stallman didn’t begin to understand until the AI lab started to be locked down with passwords, “security,” and bureaucracy.

I’m an intermediate user of systems that run off the Linux kernel.  Of course, I say Linux-based systems because they use the Linux kernel.  The makers of a distributed operating system should be able to call said system whatever they so choose.  The GPL even gives them that right.

So with that in mind, I want to say to everyone: Why not simply answer the question instead of responding RTFM?  Why not treat all questions as valuable questions as a person asking a simple question may actually be new and find the manuals and other digital/print to be unintuitive?  We need to understand that not so long ago, we were all beginners.

GIMP Growing Pains, Or…. Would You Like Cheese with that Whine?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

After much work was put into it all, the newest GIMP is out. Of course, there have been many changes. However, not everyone is happy. Of course, if you were like ole’ Pete and were born in ’69, you may be old and set in your ways too.

And they’ve added a Red Eye Tool like Photoshop’s, even though it makes no logic because adjusting color levels does the same thing, but requires knowledge. And they’ve put in a “heal” tool which basically does just what paint-with-image-region used to do, but required knowledge. And you have brush attributes like Photoshop’s, because using an image pipe requires knowledge.

So empowering individuals so they can do a set of photo editing tasks in less time is a bad thing?  Yup, that’s Pete for ya’.  Wanting to do everything the hard way.  Unfortunately, unlike him, others and myself live in the real world.  What do I mean?  Take a look at this tidbit I found on his entry in which he “officially” reviewed the latest GIMP release:

My family is heading over to your place for Thanksgiving and we expect nothing but the best. We’re staying over for the whole weekend and don’t expect us to pitch in or clean up. Cuz you’re sooo into sharing, I’m sure you understand. You do all the work and we enjoy the festivies. Then we’re heading out as soon as all the food and booze are gone.
I’ll keep it simple: Photoshop is a tool used by pros. In order for it to perform in a high pressured commercial environment it has to work. Adobe hires highly skilled and experienced people to make sure that the shit works so that other people can get their job done properly.
You know, people who need to earn a living to put food on the table so they can feed their families and not just the freeloaders showing up at their doorstep.

Precisely.  The person who made that comment, geraldo, raised a valid point.  Yes, they’re high on Adobe and their high-priced products ($700+?  And they wonder why people bootleg it…….. duh!).  However, people are in the career mindset, and if developers can’t adjust their product to the demands of those who either use the product or are thinking about using the product or who have tried using it only to be so confused that they felt stupid and said, “Oh, $%#@ it!”  That’s pretty much what happened to me when I attempted to run many of the 8x releases of Mandrake (before it became Mandriva) on my old HP Pavilion N5310 notebook computer with a Celeron 750 MHz processor, 256 MB of SDRAM (upgraded from 128… yes, it ran Millennium, in which I upgraded to 98….. yes, it was meant as a slam), DVD-ROM, 8 MB S3 Savage IX video, integrated modem, USB, and 10 GB HDD.  That model did not like Linux-based systems, and even with the newer releases of Fedora, it still locks up….. the hardware hates it.  Either way though, I realized I wasn’t ready for those type of systems yet.  I had to eventually learn to grow into the new thought process, and I needed a way to transition.

In other words, transition to another way of doing things is easier if the look and feel is Windows-like to a degree.  What that visitor brought up was a fact that needs to be addressed now: people complain, and moan, and gripe, yet what have they done?  Have they attempted to learn enough to write tutorials?  Take it a step further, though.  How many of those who have complained have attempted to enhance any documentation on the software in general?  How many of them have even attempted to learn programming so that they can increase the number of developers for the GIMP?  Whether that visitor realized it or not, the point of asking the question of what the complainers, whiners, gripers, etc… have done lately is perfectly illustrated.  The response?

Reference to sex and whores…… just beautiful.  So, instead of simply complaining for complaining’s sake, I’ll do something better: Why not suggest some features you’d like to see in future releases of the GIMP?  Why not start with getting CMYK support?  Impossible?  Well, if Scribus can do a CMYK check, then so can GIMP!  If you know the languages, jump in and help them out!  If you don’t know of any other way of helping them out, then the least you can do is boost them financially.

To ole’ Pete: Please, man.  Quit whining, and actually help them do better instead of just waisting your time complaining.  I know you’re close to being 40, and set in your ways, but you can still learn new tricks.  😉

To protect our Freedoms which include but are not limited to Christianity

Monday, October 29th, 2007

To protect our Freedoms which include but are not limited to Christianity

by Justin Breithaupt.

Please Pass This On

First of all I would like to remind you that either you, your forefathers, friends, or your next of kin have fought for our freedoms in different wars around the world. My Grandfather fought in World War II. My uncle fought in Vietnam. My friends in High School are now in Iraq. They are all fighting or have fought against an enemy they have seen first hand. These enemy’s fight with guns, spears, knives, cannons, etc. It’s easy to point out these enemies and stand against what they stand for.

It’s not easy to see the enemies that are taking away our freedoms every day in the US without us knowing it. Most of them are in the white house, others are leaders of big corporations, but most of all the biggest enemy attacking our freedoms is public acceptance of these new restrictions either because of ignorance, unwillingness to read agreements before we sign them, or not knowing about any alternative way of life.

Lets use Christianity as an example to start out with. Jesus came to this world, taught us his word, and gave his life for us so that we would in turn spread the word about him and help Jesus Christ to save others. Our country was founded on these principles. We were taught to accept this as truth and spread the word. The Government and big industry decided that it isn’t politically correct and restricted us in what we can say and do in public. Often times when you sign up for a job you agree not to offend any other coworkers by exposing them to your faith or you may agree not to practice religion in the work place and not even know it. As long as it’s not against the law to make these rules in an agreement they can stick them in there and get you to sign them without taking the time to read them.

Lets look at another aspect of Christianity. When you spread the word of God often people argue with you, reject you, and call you a freak. Mostly this is related to just not wanting to think that there is a heaven or hell or that their religion could be wrong, and this is ok. Everyone is entitled to think that and if they want to then they will discover that Hell exists when they are burning. There is nothing more I can do besides pray.

Here is another example. We have a president named George Bush. He is just waiting for an excuse to start a war. 9/11 happens and we hand over all control to him. We trusted him as a leader. For some reason we can’t get him to stop or at least do it right. After 9/11 more and more of our freedoms have been handed over to the Government that give them a God like control over us. They listen to all our phone conversations, they can monitor our windows PCs, and they won’t let us fly on an airplane with anything that might be dangerous.

Now that you understand the basics of what I’m trying to show you I will take you to the next level. This is where some of you would normally say I am just paranoid but after getting you in a more open mindset hopefully you will digest this correctly without upsetting your tummies too much. What if there was a way to control all means of communication? What if there was a way to say what you could and could not transmit over the Internet? What if there was a way to exclude the word of God from being read? What if we could regulate what could be said on TV, Radio, and in the news? What if we could regulate what any American can have stored in their own house as far as data and monitor what it is? Well welcome to Revelations. What I’m going to do is tell you about the tools that are at our disposal now to make this a reality and what already is a reality.

Lets start with the telephone. The telephone is not recorded all the time. No one could do this except maybe China because it requires too many super computers and too much storage. What is done is your phones are monitored and if any key words flag the system such as kill, terrorist, or other words then the Government will start paying attention to you and possibly record you. This system has existed for a very long time. It helps also when trying to track you down. Lets say you get accused and the government wants to keep track of you or hunt you down. All they have to do is program the super computers to listen for your voice type, name, and other info and tell them the location of the phone you are calling from. Then they can use satellites in the sky to try to look down on you and see what is going on or maybe they use aircraft that are flying very high in the sky overhead. Your credit cards are then monitored for use and so are your bank accounts. Basically everywhere you go they can find you.

Your PC. Perhaps the best device for keeping track of you and what you are doing is your PC. It is a known fact that China will not use Windows Vista at all because it enables Microsoft to monitor their computers and they have to agree to those terms to use Vista. China is afraid the US will find out their secrets. Windows Vista uses half of your Internet speed and half of your PC’s power to monitor what you are doing and send the data back to Microsoft. Microsoft tells you this before you ever use the software. I know this is a lot to read but like I said would you rather read this or give away all your freedoms that your forefathers fought for?

“As described below, using the software also operates as your consent to the transmission of certain computer information during activation, validation and for Internet-based services.” “the software will send information about the software and the device to Microsoft.” “Any potentially unwanted software rated “high” or “severe,” will automatically be removed after scanning unless you change the default setting… By using this software, it is possible that you will also remove or disable software that is not potentially unwanted software.” (Your programs that Microsoft does not like will be removed!) “Microsoft provides Internet-based services with the software. It may change or cancel them at any time.” (change them? It has changed them so that it updates your PC without your permission) “The software features described below and in the Windows Vista Privacy Statement connect to Microsoft or service provider computer systems over the Internet. In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect… By using these features, you consent to the transmission of this information.” “The following features use Internet protocols, which send to the appropriate systems computer information, such as your Internet protocol address, the type of operating system, browser and name and version of the software you are using, and the language code of the device where you installed the software. Microsoft uses this information to make the Internet-based services available to you.” (if I wanted Microsoft to make their MSN service provider available to me I would have asked for it) “Content owners use Windows Media digital rights management (Digital Restrictions Management) technology (WMDRM) to protect their intellectual property, including copyrights. This software and third party software use WMDRM to play and copy WMDRM-protected content. If the software fails to protect the content, content owners may ask Microsoft to revoke the software’s ability to use WMDRM to play or copy protected content. Revocation does not affect other content. When you download licenses for protected content, you agree that Microsoft may include a revocation list with the licenses.” (this is where Microsoft collects a list of every file on your system to make sure it’s legal according to them) “Microsoft may use the computer information, error reports, and Malware reports to improve our software and services. We may also share it with others, such as hardware and software vendors. They may use the information to improve how their products run with Microsoft software.” (it’s bad enough the banks are sharing our info with all the companies Microsoft does too?) “The software is licensed, not sold. This agreement only gives you some rights to use the software. Microsoft reserves all other rights.” (Oh I get it now when I go to the store and buy software I don’t actually own it) “you must comply with any technical limitations in the software that only allow you to use it in certain ways.” “You may not work around any technical limitations in the software; reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software, except and only to the extent that applicable law expressly permits, despite this limitation; use components of the software to run applications not running on the software; make more copies of the software than specified in this agreement or allowed by applicable law, despite this limitation; publish the software for others to copy; rent, lease or lend the software; or use the software for commercial software hosting services.” (you can’t fix it, understand how it works, or share it) “Any person that has valid access to your computer or internal network may copy and use the documentation for your internal, reference purposes.”(AH! ANYONE MAY COPY MY DOCUMENTATION ON MY PC?) “After you upgrade, you may no longer use the software you upgraded from.” (Wait a minute here you can still boot XP after you upgrade to Vista so your just not suppose to because thats illegal?) “If you acquired the software on a disc or other media, a genuine Microsoft proof of license label with a genuine copy of the software identifies licensed software. To be valid, this label must appear on Microsoft packaging. If you receive the label separately, it is invalid. You should keep the packaging that has the label on it to prove that you are licensed to use the software.” (Uh oh Microsoft has broken this agreement. You have a Vista any time upgrade disk and they send you a separate license key code um isn’t that what they say you can’t do here?) “USE OF THIS PRODUCT IN ANY MANNER THAT COMPLIES WITH THE MPEG-4 VISUAL STANDARD IS PROHIBITED, EXCEPT FOR USE DIRECTLY RELATED TO (A) DATA OR INFORMATION (i) GENERATED BY AND OBTAINED WITHOUT CHARGE FROM A CONSUMER NOT THEREBY ENGAGED IN A BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, AND (ii) FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY; AND (B) OTHER USES SPECIFICALLY AND SEPARATELY LICENSED BY MPEG LA, L.L.C.” (Uh oh we can’t use VLC, Quick time, or any player that plays MP4 or MPEG videos because thats illegal we will need a Mac or a Linux pc for that) “You can recover from Microsoft and its suppliers only direct damages up to the amount you paid for the software. You cannot recover any other damages, including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect or incidental damages.” (Translation Microsoft is not responsible for any problems with the software that may cause you loss of money or property unless that value is less than the cost of the software) “It also applies even if repair, replacement or a refund for the software does not fully compensate you for any losses; or Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages.”

If you are still reading then you are no longer ignorant to the fact that you are signing your life away to Microsoft. These terms and conditions apply to XP to when you install newer Microsoft products and agree to the agreement. So now you see how the Government can use these tools to restrict communication and privacy. You probably thought I was crazy at first but after reading the agreement above understood what I was saying to you. This is what I was talking about when I was referring to spreading the word of God and people thinking you are a freak or a nut. It’s the same thing. When I tell people about Linux they have the same reaction. Jesus died so that we would spread his word all over the earth. By using Linux you are only obligated to tell others about it too. As far as I’m concerned if Linux protects us against this agreement it also insures that we will be able to continue the spread of the gospel.

Microsoft plans to take over the Internet and the phone companies at the same time. Microsoft is trying to get people to stop using telephones and start using their phone software on their PCs the same way I use Skype. Microsoft also wants to buy out AT&T and other country wide phone networks. Then Microsoft can control the Internet. Microsoft will get this control the same way they got the right to monitor everything on your computer. Microsoft convinced the Government that it needed to monitor us to make sure we were not pirating software, music, DVDs, or other stuff on our PCs. Microsoft also wants to filter the Internet the same way. If Microsoft succeeds or should I say when Microsoft succeeds downloading things like Linux CDs and programs for Linux and Mac will not be allowed because they could contain stolen software. Microsoft already claims that Linux is stolen because they claim to have wrote the code. They can’t win in court but if they impose a restriction on us who is to say that anyone will stop them? Other countries are taking a stand like Europe and France but the US is still stuck with it’s head in Micro$oft. Because of the problem earlier I described where Micro$oft could not sell to China they decided to give away Vista Ultimate for $7.00 a copy to try to get the Chinese hooked on it. They also said to the Government of China that they would turn their backs on pirating. This was in the e-week magazine from Micro$oft. Thats where I found out.

So you tell me is it worth reading these agreements? Is it worth protecting our freedoms our forefathers fought for? You tell me.

Please spread the word.

It’s illegal to use Microsoft Web Access Programs unless…

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

This alert affects Businesses, Schools, Churches, or any organization that has a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
There is a web based program that you can use to log in to your e-mail online known as Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access as seen here. I’m not going to share the name of the college because that would be politically incorrect since I go to school there. The problem is that in order to get this software you have to purchase Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and agree to all it’s terms and conditions which are extended to anyone else who may use this software. Did you see a mention of agreeing to this agreement anywhere on this login page? I didn’t think so. I decided to send a message to the college in hopes they would understand why they could not possibly comply with Micro$oft’s demands in the agreement.

When I used the old college e-mail I had all messages forwarded to so that my mail could filter out all the unwanted junk I kept getting from your server. Here I don’t see that option.

I am also scared of running Outlook Web Access in my web browser because Microsoft Outlook has so many viruses that it supports. Do I have to use Thunderbird to get all my **** e-mail and tell Thunderbird to forward it all to That would slow things down a bit but I would be willing to do it.

Also I don’t understand why I’m being warned about security? “Warning: By selecting this option you acknowledge that the computer complies with your organization’s security policy.” What is your security policy? Also by using Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access what EULA am I agreeing to? I believe I found it here I also attached a copy of it.

After reading the agreement I have come to the conclusion that both myself and the college are in breach of the M$ EULA for Micro$oft Enterprise Server 2007.

Under section 1 a. it says that this license is extended to all devices that can be used with the server software. That includes all students that use webmail.

According to section 3. C. “you can only run the software on the server other than Exchange Management Tools” which is not Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access. This means that you need multiple licenses so that every student can run this application unless I’m mistaken. Also you need a license for each backup partition or hard drive that you use to back up your server.

Section 4. a. i. says that you need a CAL Client Access License to run any server software on another computer. Do you have enough CALs for all the students? Also further down under iii it says that not only each user needs a CAL but also each computer that is used by a student. I don’t think you could possibly afford this. Section v. further down says “In addition to needing an Exchange Server 2007 Standard CAL, you need an Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise CAL for each user or device that directly or indirectly accesses the Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging and Compliance Functionality.” Sounds like you need to increase tuition unless I’m incorrect about what this license means.

Also according to this I’m using this software illegally every time I log in unless you bought all those CALs. Did you?

Under 4. C it says “No Separation of Software. You may not use the server software in more than one operating system environment under a single license, unless expressly permitted. This applies even if the operating system environments are on the same physical hardware system.” Does this mean I can’t use Linux, Mac, XP, Vista, 98, ME, 95, 2000, or NT? I must buy a copy of Enterprise Server 2007 and use that to access my webmail.

“5. INTERNET-BASED SERVICES. Microsoft provides Internet-based services with the software. It may change or
cancel them at any time.” Uh oh this means my access to the web could be cut off at any time? Yikes!

“9. SCOPE OF LICENSE. The software is licensed, not sold. This agreement only gives you some rights to use the
software. Microsoft reserves all other rights. Unless applicable law gives you more rights despite this limitation, you may use the software only as expressly permitted in this agreement. In doing so, you must comply with any technical limitations in the software that only allow you to use it in certain ways. You may not
• work around any technical limitations in the software;
• reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software, except and only to the extent that applicable law expressly permits, despite this limitation;
• make more copies of the software than specified in this agreement or allowed by applicable law, despite this limitation;
• publish the software for others to copy;
• rent, lease or lend the software; or
• use the software for commercial software hosting services.
Rights to access the server software do not give you any right to implement Microsoft patents or other Microsoft intellectual property in software or devices that access the server.” So first of all you don’t actually own the software as a college. If you have any technical problems or limitations it’s illegal to work around them you must put up with them no matter what. So if I get an error in the page when I use the software and find a way around it thats illegal! Yikes.

“17. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement (including the warranty below), and the terms for supplements, updates, Internet-based services and support services that you use, are the entire agreement for the software and support services.” Updates with or without you permission as mentioned here

This limitation applies to
• anything related to the software, services, content (including code) on third party Internet sites, or third party programs; and
• claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, guarantee or condition, strict liability, negligence, or other tort to the extent permitted by applicable law. It also applies even if
• repair, replacement or a refund for the software does not fully compensate you for any losses; or
• Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. They also may not apply to you because your country may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or other damages.
” So if all your data is lost and this causes you financial loss greater than the cost of buying the software Microsoft will refuse to refund you.

A Concerned Linux User,
Justin Breithaupt

My Signature:
If you use Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live Mail, or Outlook you are putting your information at risk. Ask me how to switch to a free account without security risks today.

Note this statement below was automatically added to my e-mail without my permission. I sent a CC to myself. This is what I got:

Electronic Privacy Notice. This e-mail, and any attachments, contains information that is, or may be, covered by electronic communications privacy laws, and is also confidential and proprietary in nature. If you are not the intended recipient, please be advised that you are legally prohibited from retaining, using, copying, distributing, or otherwise disclosing this information in any manner. Instead, please reply to the sender that you have received this communication in error, and then immediately delete it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.”

I never asked for my e-mail to be proprietary. How would this message fall into the hands of someone who was not intended to receive it? Is there a security hole I’m not aware of?

Also I got the following messages when I looked at the page source:

“Your Web browser is configured not to run script or doesn’t support script in Web pages. Check your browser settings, or use a browser that can run script.”

“To help protect your mailbox from unauthorized access, close all browser windows when you finish using Outlook Web Access.”

“This page uses frames, but your browser doesn’t support them.” LIES!

“To protect your account from unauthorized access, Outlook Web Access automatically closes its connection to your mailbox after a period of inactivity. If your session ends, refresh your browser, and then log on again.”

“Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access provided by Microsoft Exchange Server 2003”

“Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access provided by Microsoft Exchange Server 2003” I got the point the first time.

URGENT! You, your relatives, and friends are in grave danger!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

First of all if you don’t know what Piracy is or if it’s wrong take this quiz. 

Yes thats right: you are in grave danger of having 25% of your wages garnished for life or even a prison sentence. I (Justin Breithaupt) was listening to KMBI moody radio to what I thought was one of their usual radio talk shows about online piracy when I heard them saying that people, churches, and businesses have been getting viruses that turn their computer (without their knowledge) into a file sharing server that shares illegal copies of music, movies, etc to people all over the world. One of these entities who were prosecuted against was a lady for having downloaded 14 songs. She explained she had no idea what was going on but that did not stop the court from deciding to sue her -$25,000.00 for the music and because all piracy cases also charge the guilty party for the prosecuting lawyer fees she also owed -$250,000.00. The court decided they would garnish 25% of her paychecks for life. All of this because she was using the Windows operating system which is vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. The people who sent the virus out were not caught to my knowledge and most of them probably are not. So while your PC is being used by hackers as a server you get prosecuted and they get off Scott free! My question to you is after hearing this and understanding the consequences for using a vulnerable OS like Windows will you continue to?

This is just one case of many that have been and are going on. You could be next. Anti virus is not enough and you can’t trust your financial wellbeing and your freedom as a US citizen to a computer program that claims to protect you against all viruses that it knows exist, can you? Many people do without knowing it.

So who makes money from pirated software? Well the companies that sue you do and so do the people that pirated the software in the first place that don’t get caught. These pirates sell copies of CDs and DVDs that contain illegal software, music, and videos. So while you are getting busted Miro$oft, music companies, movie companies, and pirates profit. (this article here shows proof Micro$oft is helping software pirates) Does this sound familiar? It should. We allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. We give illegal immigrants social security. The hard working US citizens lose their social security. Steal from the hard working people and give to the criminals and big corporations. So are the big corporations and people that put these laws and practices in power criminals? I think so. So if Micro$oft, music companies, movie companies, and pirates profit why should they have any incentive at all to stop the viruses that cause you to become a victim of this type of piracy?

By this definition of legal procedures anyone who has received a virus that spreads to other computers should be in jail for spreading viruses.

I’m not saying switch to Mac; I’m saying switch to Linux for free. You don’t have to worry about identity theft, file sharing, zombie processes, slow computer performance, crashes, or lost information from Viruses when you use Linux. You do have to worry about giving your info out on the Internet when you should not but there are also tools for Firefox that will tell you when you are not on a secure site. Yes Firefox still gets cookies and once in a blue moon and I mean a very dark blue moon it gets a Trojan virus but this can be instantly fixed by clicking Tools, Clear all private data, and no more viruses. I’ve only had that problem once in my life in Linux. Porn filters work well in Linux too and even if you don’t look at porn it’s a good way of staying away from temptation. You can add these and more add-ons from . My favorite is fasterfox which speeds up your Internet.

With all the money you will save from switching to Linux (not paying for software, updates, or computer maintenance) you will have an additional $1,500.00+ a year to spend on legal music CDs, Linux compatible hardware, or whatever you wish. After 183.33 years of savings one person could pay off the $275,000.00 debt this lady has to pay or 4 people could pay it off in 45.83 years or 8 people could pay it off in 22.92 years or 20 people could pay it off in just 9.17 years. A fund could be set up in this manner to help free software pirate victims from Micro$oft. But why pay Micro$oft anything? Micro$oft will just advertise more with the extra income. Why not use some of this money to advertise Linux? By advertising Linux people could free themselves from Piracy. It would be like a stop smoking campaign that the government gives money for. However the Government would not give any money for this.

Being addicted to Micro$oft products is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. I believe the Christian thing to do would be to help spread the truth and make people aware. If you are interested in helping me to start an organization to free those who are innocent software pirate victims and help spread Linux please leave a comment or send e-mail to . Thanks for your support. I’m thinking about using Micro$oft Addicts Anonymous (MAA), Software Pirate Victim Relief Fund (SPVRF), or The Campaign For Freedom (TCF) as a name. Suggestions are welcome.

Here is another example click here.

Is Windows Media Player 11 Watching You?

Monday, October 8th, 2007

I thought Microsoft stuck to monitoring Vista systems but XP could be under surveillance too. If you have read my previous articles this should come as no surprise.

I was working on one of my customer’s computers when I saw this

on their screen in their msconfig menu. I disabled it as it does not need to run at start up for normal operation.

If you want to disable this you can click start, run, type msconfig, press enter and choose selective startup. Do the same as shown here.

Further Clarification

Ok so what harm can this cause to my PC? Well others have documented this phenomenon on their computers here and here. Even though I’m not quite sure what all this Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service actually does, I do know some basic things about Windows Media Player.

1. You rip your CDs or Music to your PC.

2. WMP decides to encrypt your music with DRM so it can’t be played on any other device.

3. It reports back to Microsoft all the names of the songs you have on your PC and if they are legal or not.

All of this has been done in many versions of Windows Media Player. I like to ask people some times can your Windows Media Player play DVDs, MP4s, or .MOV video files? No it can only play Windows Media not that other junk that you would surly never use. Everyone should only play Windows Media. This is why Microsoft got sued about 300 billion dollars this last month for monopolizing the market with Windows Media Player.

What I don’t know is what else Microsoft is using Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service to monitor. All I know is if it’s anything like Vista it’s bad news. According to this review this process eats up 2 MB of your RAM and 3% of your processor speed. The stated use is so that it can exchange your media with other devices on the network and other players. Disabling this process disables others from being able to gain access to your music from outside your computer. Here we have another article about a Microsoft victim who has a Zune, Xbox360, and Windows Media Player 11. He noticed a speed decrease after he sinked his Zune with Windows Media Player. This process that shares media was at the heart of it all. Yet this Microsoft Partner has a site devoted to identifying the processes that run on your PC and letting you know what to do about them. He seems to recommend getting rid of it. According to Microsoft this process monitors your devices and network 24/7 to make sure everything is in sync. This must surly eat up some processing power. Others claimed it only did this when your system was dormant. Not so. People here notice long loading times when this zombie process is in use.

So is this a zombie process? Well you decide for yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I want to share media with all my devices in the world automatically or manually? By automatically I mean that every time you plug in a jump drive it will be scanned and all the media will be added, same with a CD, DVD, or whatever.

2. Do you want to devote 2 MB of RAM and 3% CPU to this process?

3. Do you trust Microsoft?

News For Today

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Why People Still Use Windows

CNN calles him a local Linux Hero but Government wants to shut him down.

Vista is Microsoft’s update to ME

Monday, October 1st, 2007

We all remember ME Millennium Edition. The OS that was supoes to make us safe from Y2K. Heck I even bought the upgrade CD. Yes yes this was before I knew about Linux in 2002. So how did they make ME? We know it was rushed into production. Lets take DOS, Windows 98, stir in some NT, but wait hold the NTFS, add some wall papers and graphics. Now stir. Let simmer, OH WAIT NO IT’S BOILING OVER! THERE IS BLUE STUFF ALL OVER THE M$ PROGRAMMING KITCHEN! Well thats ok it still says Millennium Edition and people will need it to feel safe from Y2K.

So whats the recipe for XP? Well lets start working on Project Longhorn but keep it quiet. Shhhh. Operation Longhorn involves incorporating Linux, NT, and DOS into something we will call the Command Prompt. Lets test it out on our customers and get them to tell us whats wrong. It’s an Experimental Prototype. Lets call it XP. Ok now people can play with that and send error reports back to us. While they do that we will keep working on Project Longhorn but when it gets done we want more control over the Consumer and to be able to stop all Software Pirates.

Hey Guys Longhorn is almost ready it’s 2003! We need some kind of name for it. I know lets call the home version or Desktop version Vista. Ya thats it. Ok we have DRM and Trusted Computing built into the Kernel. The problem is we have to get all that to work with our new command prompt. Ok come on programmers make it all work. Oh shoot we can’t get the graphics to work right. Ok guys I’m feeling ambitious. Tell everyone we are working on a 3D desktop. Paint a M$ 🙂 on our outside so everyone thinks we really have something good. Ok now lets keep on going we can make this work. Wait it’s not compatible with anything? Well lets warn the hardware manufacturers and let them make new Vista compatible stuff and new drivers. We don’t have to worry about that besides we don’t even know how to make drivers.

Hey This Is The Big Hardware Corporations. We Can’t Make Drivers Work With Vista. Please Help Us!

No you don’t understand. Everyone will buy Vista you have no choice.

Ok guys lets start making these drivers but just in case look at our other software options. We can help Linux and Mac. Lets do that as well.

Ok Vista is all done. Lets release it to the public.

Here is what the consumers think about it.

One thing I didn’t include was Windows 98 and where it came from. Well here it is.

First there was DOS. DOS could and can only run one program to a time.

So they invented a program that would allow 4 programs to run inside it and it would run on DOS. They called this program Windows 286, then 386, 486, 3.1, 95, and then 98. Nothing changed. Windows was still just a program running on DOS to allow multiple programs to run on DOS.

Windows 2000, NT, and ME were the first attempts to break away from DOS. XP was the first successfull attempt after SP2. SP1 was a failure. They called the new DOS Command Line and it contained a lot of the same stuff that Linux had before XP came out.

Some people liked Windows 2000. They thought it was great. It had the command line in it and seemed to work. Little did people realize that it did not work with games very well or a lot of other applications. But it was far better than XP SP1. XP SP2 is great but Microsoft can’t keep selling XP SP2 forever.

Ok Microsoft I’m Calling You Out!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Ok Microsoft I’m Calling You Out!

First of all I just recognized your scheme, my question is how long have you been doing this? First I noticed that you released a Virus for the Windows XP OS to try to get people to move to Vista, now people report that when they update their XBOX 360s their old games like gears of war either won’t work or give them a Red Ring of Death. The question isn’t if you are trying to make your customers want to use your new products over old ones it’s why you feel you have to sabotage your old products to encourage use of the new ones.

Microsoft Admits Halo 3 Caused Xbox Live Glitches

Microsoft you should be put in jail for your crimes against your customers. I have had customers who had Windows XP Pro installed on their computers and after you sent out your Virus I could not do the updates after a repair install. Not only did I loose a customer because they thought I was incompetent because I was unable to fix the problem because I was unaware of the solution at the time but I have also lost my faith in your company all together. You like to get users to agree to having their computers spied on when they click I agree and install Vista. My question to Microsoft is why should we trust you?

I await your response.

Microsoft’s Response will be shown here.

I got a responce and replied to it.

“Peter” wrote:

> The ‘stealth updates” were updating the “Windows Updater” that’s all, pure
> and simple, and blown out of all proportion mainly by the Windows
> haters/Linux freaks and media that needed something to bite on.

I agree they updated the windows updater and caused an error so that any
time you do a System Repair on an XP install you can’t download any updates
and the stealth updates were done without permission. I have seen this happen
on my customers computers as well. Whenever I try to do a repair and do
updates it won’t work after the stealth update. You are forced to use ZDnet’s
Windows Virus removal instructions to remove this Virus.

> The six month extension is because retailers demanded that XP OEM
> availability be extended as people still wanted it. (Note it referred to
> OEM only)

Right because Users are tired of being forced to use Vista.

> XP still has plenty of time left in its life cycle.

Thats right XP is ok. It’s not the best OS out there but it is much much
better than Vista for several reasons: drivers, compatibility, stability just
to name a few. The only advantage Vista has as an OS is that if you don’t
install any Microsoft software on it or use any Microsoft software on it and
use all open source you don’t get viruses. Programs like Microsoft outlook or
Live Mail get viruses. MSN Explorer gets viruses. Internet Exploder gets
viruses. So as long as you stay away from these apps and even Office 2007
your fine. Thats the improvement. Vista is still too slow and I don’t like
being spied on. Being spied on slows down my PC as well. I understand
Microsoft wanting to make sure I’m not using any pirated software but by
monitoring my computer all the time they are crazy.

> I use both systems quite happily and have no problems with either one.

Oh well I guess you are lucky.

Microsoft Released A Virus! It’s in Your Computer!

Friday, September 28th, 2007

This article is based on information that is provided by many diffrent sources but was first discovered by ZDnet as far as we know.  This is why I am using ZDnet as my primary source.

Microsoft has sent out a Virus to all XP and Vista computers but it only has a negative effect on XP computers. The idea of this virus (assuming it was constructed on purpose) is to make people want to use Vista by making it almost impossible for Techs like myself to fix an XP computer. Wait just a minute you say. Justin is telling me that Microsoft sent out a Virus and it’s on my PC? Yes that is correct. What is the definition of a computer virus?

definition of a computer virus


A computer program that is designed to replicate itself by copying itself into the other programs stored in a computer. It may be benign or have a negative effect, such as causing a program to operate incorrectly or corrupting a computer’s memory.

But does this program from Microsoft actually do this? YES! it may or may not be designed to but it does.
It replicates itself by copying itself into the other programs stored in a computer from the Microsoft server. It does have a negative effect which results in you not being able to do windows updates after trying to repair a Windows XP computer effectively making the customer want to use Vista since it is not affected by this problem yet. It does corrupt the computer’s memory with a bad version of the normal functioning program. So yes it’s a Virus. And you did get it without asking for it.

So how to get rid of it? Click Here


Further proof that Microsoft has a motive to stop XP from selling. 

By the way there is also proof that Microsoft Fix it tools don’t actually work in XP. 

If you are like me and you don’t trust Microsoft any more you can  contact me and let me know if you need to get rid of Microsoft products on your PC and use a superior system made by the people for the people.