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The Software Story

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

I’ve been under heavy fire latley from the Linux community all over the internet about Religion and Linux. The one statement that really stuck out was when some guy asked “What does Relgion have to do with Linux?” I know this sounds like a question that would stump most people right? Well Here was my responce.

“What does Linux have to do with Christianity?

Well it’s simple really.

Linus Torvalds created a better Operating System that he could use. He didn’t think anyone would really use it but he made it anyway. Then he decided that he would share it with the world if anyone wanted to use it. All that he required was that you share it with anyone who asks you if they can get a copy.

Jesus Christ gave up his luxury in Heaven and comfort to be born on earth as a little child in a horse trough or manger. He came to offer salvation with the hope that at least one person would use it. He chose to take on all the pain and suffering that everyone deserved as well as the guilt and shame. He was and is blameless but for the time he suffered and took our place he was looked on by everyone including God as though he had committed every crime, and he felt that guilt. All that he requires of us is that we accept his gift and share the news of it with others.

So you see weather or not Linus Torvalds is a Christian is irrelevant here. What is reliant is the spirit of sharing and sacrifice. Besides Christianity uses the Internet and programs in Linux to spread the word and educate people. A lot of Christian organizations have not been reached by the Linux community and are still using Proprietary software because we don’t reach out to them. So why not? Is this what we really want? To leave the Christian community in the darkness and blindness of Proprietary software and licenses? If he is without God then how great is that darkness.”

Now I had one reply in my forums that I deleted and had the writer correct the grammar and spelling errors due to popular demand. EdwinStar should be posting it back in the forum soon.

The Software Story

Hi Everyone,

About 4 years, or more like 7 years, ago — I can not remember when it started, I blocked it out of my mind every day for YEARS — I started to come under conviction for using and sharing the computer. …Before Linux came along… I wanted to live right, but it seemed like some computer related laws would not let me. …Before Linux come along… You see, it wasn’t really the computer at all that was the problem, nor the software written for it, but the legal issues surrounding the software written for it, that was the problem! It’s called copyright laws. …Before Linux came along… You see, I was a born-again, Holy-Ghost-filled, washed-in-the-Blood, Sanctified, baptized-in-Jesus-Name, Bible-believing, walking-with-God, Church-going, Christian. …Before Linux came along… Now, I must have installed this Micro$oft software 100,000 times on 10,000 computers only paying for it, maybe 4 or 5 times at the most! And I never did been caught!! …Before Linux came along… Or did I get caught? God was convicting me every time I booted another computer for the first time, after installing all that wonderful software I had copies of. Micro$oft Windows, IBM Dos, MS Dos, DR Dos, etc, etc, etc, and the list goes on and on and on. …Before Linux came along… I had hundreds of thousands of illegal copies of software programs to share with my friends and neighbors — all for free, and I never got caught!!! …Before Linux came along… God was starting to talk to me about this “pirating” of software that I was getting all messed up in. …Then Linux came along… And I continued pirating all this wonderful software I had at my disposal, because I thought Linux was too hard to use yet. …Then, SimplyMepis 6.0, Linux came along…I didn’t think I was breaking the law, or should I say, I blocked it out of my mind that I was breaking the law. …Then, PCLinuxOS v.92 Big Daddy, Linux came along… Linux was getting easier and easier to use and God was starting to convict me more and more! …Then, SimplyMepis 6.5, Linux came along… and kept coming… and coming… and coming along!! I was now so convicted, and felt so bad, that I finely started to use Linux as my primary operating system more and more!!! I felt better for the first time in a long time about my computer addictions! …Then, PCLinuxOS v.93 Big Daddy, Linux came along… But, I backslid and went back to law-breaking again (BTW, breaking the copyright laws in software is law-breaking, in case you don’t know it)!! …Then, PCLinuxOS 2007, Linux came along… And God was convicting me more and more and more!!!…Then PCLinuxOS 2007 Final Linux came along… Now, I consider myself very lucky that the FBI hadn’t broke down my door and confiscated all the thousands of illegal copies of software I had by now, along with my 4 or 5 legitimate copies to-boot, and thrown my happy butt into prison for a very, very long time, by now! …Then lots more Linux distros came along… All the time Linux was getting easier and easier, and better and better!! BTW, Linux IS free — REALLY!!! …Then Linux came along… God was convicting me even more. I could not live for God, go to Church, or call myself a Christian anymore! …Then Linux came along… Now, God obviously provided a way for me to use the computer completely legally!! This was through the great solutions of things called Open Source Software Foundation, GNU, and GPL/Linux!!! …Then Linux came along… Therefore, now I can be that born-again, Holy-Ghost-filled, washed-in-the-Blood, Sanctified, baptized-in-Jesus-Name, Bible-believing, walking-with-God, Church-going, Christian again! — if I want to be!! …Because Linux came along… So, you see — for me — sense Linux came along, I can feel so much better about my computer addictions!!! I can not separate God from Linux — ever — in the Open Source community, ever! …Because Linux came along… I can now live a little closer to God!! …Because Linux came along… I even think that God Almighty Himself has chosen the free GPL/Linux operating system, along with all the other GPL/Linux software that so FREELY comes along with it, as thee foundation for His followers all over the world to use!!! …Now Linux is around… At least this follower will, from now on and for evermore, will happily use GPL/Linux based software as thee primary choice to feed his computer addictions! …Now Linux is around… I also think that God Almighty Himself uses Linux only, and that He is the One who got this GPL/Linux software revolution where it is today in the first place!! …Now Linux is around… Nevertheless, I will give Linus Trovalds credit for being the vessel God used; and Richard Stallman credit for being the vessel God used as well!! …Now, Ultumix Linux 2008 Final Pre Release, Linux is around… You see, when something is needed, God will provide it, for His followers, and for the whole world — He will provide it — whatsoever the need is — He will provide it!!! He always has provided, always will, and it never ends. …Now Linux is around… And Linux will keep coming and coming and coming around! Now, this might not sound like a religious experience for you, but it sure is for me!! …Now Linux is around… Because now, sense God and Linux are around… the computer communities all over the world, us hackers/users, have something, and Some One, to help us feel a whole lot better about the addicting computer revolution that is hitting the world right now!!! …Now Linux is around… So, for me, Linux is a religion, always has been, always will be, and will never end! God too!!

I will never have a problem with religion being mixed into Linux stuff. Like two peas in a pod, they are so much alike. Not a problem with me at all. Even in a “World without end”. amen

…Now Linux is around… And Linux is going to keep getting better, and better, and better!!! amen


Sorry about the looong paragraph, I just could not see where to break the story up. 🙂

If you want to use Linux go to

Thank you Justin Breithaupt, for getting the MindBlowingIdea to remaster PCLinuxOS 2007 Final into an even greater distribution. Ultumix Linux 2008 Final Pre, it’s as solid as a rock!

Thankfully and humbly yours,


Unfair Business Practices.

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Take a look at this gem, and you’ll no longer have to wonder why the iPhone is going to tank.  I find Apple’s behavior quite terrible, and they deserve to have their product tank.  Why won’t I own an iPhone?

  1. It’s a frickin’ phone!  I want to dial the numbers and talk to a real person.
  2. I don’t care about “browsing the web.”  If I want to do that, I go to a real computer to do so!
  3. Playing music sounds great, but I’d rather do it on a real computer, not some overblown brick that’s over-rated.

Keep an eye on this one, ‘cuz I’m following up soon.  😉

Ultumix Linux 2008 v0.0.1.0 Final Pre Release Is Out

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

TUX Ultumix v0.0.1.0 2008 Final Pre Release

Welcome to Ultumix Linux OS. The OS designed for Windows users by previous Windows Users.

Go to to get the latest copy via Torrent (recommended) or FTP. If you want to know more about Ultumix Linux Click the FTP link and open the .pdf in your browser or read the summery on the web page. We also will have a video demo up on our site shortly. 🙂 Ultumix v0.0.1.0 is very stable. I haven’t had any problems with it yet. Please let me know about any issues you may have in the forum. Moderators are needed for the IRC chat. Ultumix Linux is a remaster of PCLinuxOS and the source code can all be found in the PCLinuxOS repositories and in the packman project.

When is a Distro not a Distro?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

That is a good question. I have read an argument that Ultimix is not a distro but a remaster of PCLinuxOS. Fair enough.

But how does one explain Ubuntu then? Was it not based on Debian? It has become a foundation unto itself, but it began with a Debian base.

Wasn’t PCLinuxOS derived from Mandrake originally, then became it’s own distribution? When is it a remaster and when is it it’s own distro? That’s where I’m getting confused.

Where I’m also getting bamboozled is in the area of newcomers being treated with suspicion. I thought I’ve seen paranoia concerning the political underground, but man…. oh man. Read what’s happened concerning the Ultimix torrent, and you’ll see how those who believe that a New World Order is coming to take away the liberties of everyone are put to absolute shame when it comes to being scared and paranoid. I dare say that those who claim that a tyrannical world government is coming may sound a lot more sane (and are) than the individual who has been “cyber-stalking” Justin in an attempt to smite him. I also know for a fact that these same individuals who have such “crazy notions” actually have lives away from the computer.

So to the person on who just had “their time of the month,” please….. grow up and get a life (away from the computer).” What is it about FOSS that attracts people to treat newcomers to that way? Whether it is the beginning of creating a new distribution by using an established one as a base or sharing something on bittorrent, it’s time to stop treating them like idiots and simply explain things to them when something is done incorrectly. This whole idea of RTFM is not only rude and unprofessional, but inhumane in my view. Yes, America is not the entire world, but neither is any other country for that matter. We’re all in this together. If we can’t treat each other as human beings, then why are we bothering at all?

The reason why I wrote this rant, then edited it was simple: Justin Breithaupt, a colleague on this blog was first attacked for his religious faith, which he never brought up on the PCLinuxOS forum. Then he gets slack for the creation of Ultimix or the idea thereof or something to that effect. Ultimix a mere remaster? Tell that to the guys who make Pioneer Linux! They call it a distro, so get over yourselves. Am I saying that everyone from PCLOS is horrible? Of course not. There are wonderful individuals such as devnet from Yet Another Linux Blog. I see a problem however. Egos. If the issue of ego is not overcome real quick, then FOSS may have problems being adopted in the future. This is the same obstacle that caused Microsoft as a company to have problems in the first place. Read David Bank’s Breaking Windows for a better idea of what I’m talking about.

“I tired to do something nice for the community by improving on PCLinuxOS but instead I am being percecuted and harassed. I have been discriminated against for my personal beliefs even though I didn’t express them in any forums ever.” — Justin Breithaupt

On an end note, I tried having Computer Rescue (Pomeroy, Washington business) listed as a PCLOS vendor, since Justin uses it to help sell computers. I noticed that the thread got deleted. So this isn’t the first time that Justin’s business has been given the cold shoulder. I am really starting to not like the PCLOS “community.” It appears to be too territorial for my liking. Isn’t FOSS supposed to allow the transcendence of digital territory by allowing and encouraging people to share with one another? Also, keep this in mind: this isn’t the only story I’ve heard. I’ve heard of others and they were nastier. There’s a reason helios states, “Don’t bring distributions, bring solutions.” concerning The Tux Project. It’s also why these guys here don’t have a good impression of the rest of FOSS supporters: it’s too much of a reminder of Soviet Communism (though they have their own issues as well).

It’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror. It’s time to stop with the petty nonsense and name calling. This isn’t about making distros anymore: it’s about sharing and sharing alike, which is what the Free Software Foundation has preached all along. There are those who may make the claim that users don’t care about freedoms 0-3. I disagree. If you can relate these freedoms to a casual user or a mom and dad, they will not only understand, but they will care. The first step however, is to treat each other like human beings and knock it off with the flaming towards another person.  Kudos to MyPCLinuxOS for taking a more diplomatic path.

To the person calling Justin a liar: did it ever occur to you that it was his first time doing something like this and that he did not fully understand everything entailing the creation of a custom CD/DVD, let alone the creation of a torrent file? Yes, he e-mailed me what you said to him, and yes, it was uncalled for. So here’s a suggestion: why not agree to disagree and both of you can go your separate ways? Now, let’s move on to more important things.

Ultumix is here!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

I just released Ultumix and I don’t have it uploaded to the internet yet but I put together a torrent here ultumixtorrent. The official web site is here:

Warning! This is what happens when you try to improve the PCLinuxOS distro and remaster it. Click here for a full view.

So You Have a Problem With Religon Do You? GET OVER IT!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

I consider Justin to be an esteemed colleague of mine. He and I do have our disagreements on a multitude of issues. However, not once have I had a problem with his chosen faith: Christianity (of the Lutheran persuasion….. a branch thereof…. I’ll ask him later for an explanation). As a Lutheran, he seems to be morally compelled to help people and he is doing just that. He sells computers with Linux-based operating systems on them.

Recently, he had issues with an online money service that I won’t go into here. Just read some of the older posts to find out more information. He switched to Google Checkout, and recently announced here and on LXer that he was essentially back in business. Combining Google Checkout with Nvu/KompoZer, he has been able to build a functioning page that lists products in a simple manner.

He recently sought some advice on a forum of a popular distribution. Apparently, some people have a problem when someone is honest about their religious faith. I have a few choice words for those who do have a problem with someone declaring your beliefs. Get over it. It’s their site, their views, and their life, not yours. It is especially irritating to discover that it was other people who brought up Justin’s faith on that site, and yet his posts are deleted because of what other users post? Can you say intellectual cowardice? I certainly can.

Here is a person who sees a distro that I have used as a viable solution for their business and attempts to have their business’s page (not site, page) listed, and what happens next? Other people notice that he has content pertaining to Christianity. The claim according to my understanding was that he broke the rules, but guess what? He didn’t bring up religion or politics whatsoever. FOSS is supposed to be about diversity, and yet, in this instance, it is shunned and thrown aside because people have a problem with it.

So here is my response over all:

1.) GROW UP!



News For Today

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Why People Still Use Windows

CNN calles him a local Linux Hero but Government wants to shut him down.

Ok Microsoft I’m Calling You Out!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Ok Microsoft I’m Calling You Out!

First of all I just recognized your scheme, my question is how long have you been doing this? First I noticed that you released a Virus for the Windows XP OS to try to get people to move to Vista, now people report that when they update their XBOX 360s their old games like gears of war either won’t work or give them a Red Ring of Death. The question isn’t if you are trying to make your customers want to use your new products over old ones it’s why you feel you have to sabotage your old products to encourage use of the new ones.

Microsoft Admits Halo 3 Caused Xbox Live Glitches

Microsoft you should be put in jail for your crimes against your customers. I have had customers who had Windows XP Pro installed on their computers and after you sent out your Virus I could not do the updates after a repair install. Not only did I loose a customer because they thought I was incompetent because I was unable to fix the problem because I was unaware of the solution at the time but I have also lost my faith in your company all together. You like to get users to agree to having their computers spied on when they click I agree and install Vista. My question to Microsoft is why should we trust you?

I await your response.

Microsoft’s Response will be shown here.

I got a responce and replied to it.

“Peter” wrote:

> The ‘stealth updates” were updating the “Windows Updater” that’s all, pure
> and simple, and blown out of all proportion mainly by the Windows
> haters/Linux freaks and media that needed something to bite on.

I agree they updated the windows updater and caused an error so that any
time you do a System Repair on an XP install you can’t download any updates
and the stealth updates were done without permission. I have seen this happen
on my customers computers as well. Whenever I try to do a repair and do
updates it won’t work after the stealth update. You are forced to use ZDnet’s
Windows Virus removal instructions to remove this Virus.

> The six month extension is because retailers demanded that XP OEM
> availability be extended as people still wanted it. (Note it referred to
> OEM only)

Right because Users are tired of being forced to use Vista.

> XP still has plenty of time left in its life cycle.

Thats right XP is ok. It’s not the best OS out there but it is much much
better than Vista for several reasons: drivers, compatibility, stability just
to name a few. The only advantage Vista has as an OS is that if you don’t
install any Microsoft software on it or use any Microsoft software on it and
use all open source you don’t get viruses. Programs like Microsoft outlook or
Live Mail get viruses. MSN Explorer gets viruses. Internet Exploder gets
viruses. So as long as you stay away from these apps and even Office 2007
your fine. Thats the improvement. Vista is still too slow and I don’t like
being spied on. Being spied on slows down my PC as well. I understand
Microsoft wanting to make sure I’m not using any pirated software but by
monitoring my computer all the time they are crazy.

> I use both systems quite happily and have no problems with either one.

Oh well I guess you are lucky.

A report on Ubuntu LoCo. 09/28/07

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Ok everyone it’s me again Justin Breithaupt, usacomputertec, Pomeroylab or whatever name you may call me. I wanted to start a free Linux computer lab in Pomeroy WA. Ubuntu seemed like a good OS to choose at the time. However I also perused other distros and found that most of my customers preferred PCLinuxOS over Ubuntu. So I figured my primary OS would be PCLinuxOS but that Ubuntu would also be shown and discussed as a solution. I sat up a LoCo web page which is still there unless they have removed it.

One reason to start a LoCo where I am? Well see for yourself.

Here is where I am

I first started receiving bad letters in regards to my efforts about a week ago. People started telling me that I was a LUG and not a LoCo. Others said it was just fine. So finally I sent a message out to all of them and you will see the responses I got below.

My original Message:

I have an alternative to what LoCo could be. It’s my understanding that to be truly LoCo you have to only run Ubuntu and only teach Ubuntu. Thats what people keep telling me. They keep telling me this is why I’m not LoCo. This is not an open idea at all but rather a closed minded idea.

I believe that LoCo should be a positive open minded community that allows all distros to be taught and also can teach about other subjects like Hardware, repair, programming, and other computer related stuff. If we are to restricted then LoCo will just be a place to learn about Ubuntu and nothing else. Is that what we want? Thats like saying we need to build a school to teach about Math and another for English, and another for Science, and another for Geography but why? I’m very confused as to how this idea of thinking will help you in the long hall. Sure it’s nice for Ubuntu if they can dominate all distros and make sure computer manufacturers only sell Ubuntu so that Ubuntu tech supports can be more effective but at the cost of other education? Believe it or not there are things that other Distros can do that Ubuntu can’t. You can’t force one Distro on everyone. Even the head LoCo guy in WA state could not install the programs I mentioned and get them to work on Ubuntu. I had to resort to other Distros for that. I’m not discouraging the Ubuntu project I just think that LoCo should be “OPEN” to other distros like “OPEN SOURCE” “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”. These things can’t be limited or we are in violation of the GPL’s original intent.

I’m talking with LUGs and LoCos around my area about a Linux Fest and advertising all the places you can learn about Linux so people will know where to go not just LUGs or LoCos. The question is if we try to advertise you will you intern play nice and allow LUGs to join your organization or will you be exclusive and exclude everyone else? This will make a big difference in how we approach advertising different places to learn Linux. I await the LoCo community’s response.

And I got a few responses.

My team is for advocacy of free software, open formats and the spread
of information of any kind. We use ubuntu as the best tool for the job
because it's the simplest, most well known and easiest so far. And
we've got a much better chance of improving peoples computer
experiences with ubuntu.

Now if someone came to the installfest and wanted to install SuSE I'm
sure someone would help them install it, not me though I've tried too
many times to install SuSE right and I don't find the experience fun.
But that's just me I won't restrict anyone from installing or helping
other people install what ever they want.

Now if someone wanted to put up posters for Mandriva or PCLinuxOS then
we'd need to sit down and talk about direction because ultimately the
team is only powerful when we are all pushing in the same direction
and marketing is one of those things that you fail at if you release
too many marketing messages at once.

It sounds like you've met some real jerks in the past, lets hope no
one is like that in the future.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

A LoCo Team is an Ubuntu team and as such is naturally dedicated
mainly to Ubuntu. If you want a more general group, that's why LUGs

I don't understand where you see the problem. There should be LUGs
where people using all distributions get together, but there also need
to be teams specific to a single distribution, that can provide good
and precise support for it, actuate on events related to it, and
promote not only that particular distributions but also Free Software
in general. Their are not exclusive but rather should work together;
there may even be (and there are) people that participate in both, a 
LoCo and a LUG.

And about your last paragraph, I'm not sure if I understand it at all, 
but I see nothing against that a LoCo team could organize an event
together with a LUG or the community of another distribution. Actually, 
the Catalan LoCo for example is going to celebrate the
release of Ubuntu's the next version (Gutsy) inside -and partially
sponsored by- a LAN Party, that has nothing to do with Ubuntu. You can perfectly 
be in a LoCo if you use both, Ubuntu and another (or
more) distribution(s) of your choice, only that you should have some 
understanding about Ubunt and when you are actuating as a LoCo member
you shouldn't be telling people to use that other distribution instead
of Ubuntu :P, but be promoting Ubuntu.

But of course if you know someone who uses another X distribution and
needs help with something you are free and encouraged to help him with

Being a member of a LoCo team doesn't mean that you are a
"Ubuntu-only" guy, but rather that you really like Ubuntu (but might
also like other distros), and that you want to help it's users and see
it's community and user base growing.
Yes, please ignore my messages, Marin Owens' is actually much clearer
(I had not seen it before otherwise I wouldn't have answered again).

About that points you say, some of them might be solved for you using

Also I'd like to know when you last checked Ubuntu. Installation has
improved a lot, specially this last releases. If it's much time ago
you'd probably like to have a look at it again (in this case the best
would be to wait for Gutsy to be released, the 18th October).


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)

Linux User #438657. Ubuntu User #11680.

I made a response somewhere in this time period and here it is:

I know they keep improving Ubuntu and releasing it and every time I download it and try it. It's a good system for the people who like it and yes there are customers that prefer it. The point I'm trying to make is it will always be Debian and it's abilities to install software restricted to the Debian base. Ubuntu needs better compilers so it can adapt to non Debian programs. They also need an interface like is in Ubuntu Christian Edition which is what my pastor uses. I installed it on a new computer for him before I knew about PCLinuxOS. It still runs great but the e-sword or gnome-sword app has it's issues. Chock another one up for PCLinuxOS who's gnome-sword works just fine. Not sure why this is. I think if I remember correctly the defendguin game does not work in PCLinuxOS but thats trivial since most people don't have a computer just to play that game. I wish it would work.

Please refer to Martin's message, now that I read mine again I see
they are somewhat confusing..
Of course, isn't that what we all want? Every single person that
switches to Free Software is a steep forward, without having much
importance to what exactly (s)he switches.

The point is just that if you are on a Ubuntu LoCo it's because you
personally thing that Ubuntu is a good way to let people know Free
Software, as Martin explained. As well as if you join a user team of
any other distribution it's because you thing that this other
distribution is better for the same objective, or as if you don't
really matter about distributions but just want to promote it in a
more general manner, then you'd probably go for a LUG.

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Linux User #438657. Ubuntu User #11680. Simple, a LoCo is a local community team. Whether it is Ubuntu, Fedora,
 SUSE,  Microsoft, or Apple, it is about THAT community.

If you want to preach and teach all open source and all of the distros,
you are interested in a LUG. An Ubuntu LoCo team should push everything
*buntu, as well as open source. It is fine to let others know of other 
distros, but the main priority of an Ubuntu LoCo is the local advocacy
*buntu. This isn't to say if the chance arises, you should avoid going
 out of 
the way to help someone with something that isn't *buntu.

Richard A. Johnson
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124

Anyways, I don't think a discussion about on what Ubuntu and on what
PCLinuxOS is better has anything to do on this list, that is intended
to be rather low traffic list about important LoCo related stuff. Perhaps a thread on Ubuntu Forums ( would be
more appropriate. The focus and definition is different, a LUG is a _user_ group, a LoCo
is an advocacy group; they have very different memes and quite
different events. A LUG will just sit there and server it's members,
it will put energy into getting people to join the group (LUG) where as a LoCo should not be putting effort into getting people to join
their LoCo, they should be putting all energy into promoting Ubuntu or what ever it is because LoCo members will drop out of the expanding
user base.

The difference is that one cares about existing users and one cares
about new users; each has members which can be shared but the actions
expected and taken by those users are different; I don't expect normal
users to join my LoCo unless they want to help out in some way.

Best Regards, Martin Owens Bingo!  *Perfect* definition.  I haven't heard it said or seen it
written better.  Well done.
Aaron Toponce         ( )  ASCII Ribbon Campaign   X

I think this conversation is an irrelevant debate. if you want to join an Ubuntu-LoCo and push another OS that seems just silly. If you have an active LUG in your area then work with them or start a local group to accomplish what you wish. The Ubuntu LoCo’s do spread the word about OSS and do help others out but their main focus is spreading the word about and supporting Ubuntu. I think pushing another OS with Ubuntu’s resources would not be good. I joined Ubuntu-LoCo because I loved Ubuntu and wanted to support it. I am also involved with the area LUG as are some of the other LoCo members and I represent Ubuntu there as well.
Remember it’s not a LoCo Group it is an UBUNTU LoCo group.

So in conclusion to all of this Ubuntu does not want to share resources. They only want to push Ubuntu. Another words all LUGS that want to push other distros are excluded from the LoCo community. Unless of course you listen to be a LUG that primarily supports Ubuntu. I’m not sure I want to join the Ubuntu Federation with one mind and one voice that is a closed mind. That just my opinion.

Update got another reply from someone who evedently does not know who I am.

Um no I have a group of people here in Pomeroy that meet and learn about Linux from me. I am the group leader.

Anthony Yarusso <> wrote:

Hash: SHA1

Pomeroy Lab wrote:

> Ok then by that definition I’m probably a LUG because I promote
> everything.

Actually, that’s not true. either. What was said about the difference
between LUGs and Ubuntu Local Community Teams is all true. However,
you are neither. A LoCo is what I just said, an Ubuntu Local
Community *TEAM*. A LUG is a Linux User *GROUP*. You are an
individual. Individuals are members of LoCos and LUGs and are what
make them what they are, but in no case can an individual BE either of
these organizations, or even the primary force behind one.
Individuals of course can do some similar activities as the groups
might organize, and will do their own advocacy on the side, but that
is not the same as acting or being recognized as a LoCo or a LUG.
I’ve noticed “I” being used a few times in your communications, and
just wanted to make sure that was completely clear before we continue
this discussion further. If what you really meant was “hey, I do this
kind of advocacy; how can I get involved?”, then you should definitely
be looking into being an individual member of bother the Washington
state LoCo (for when your activities revolve around Ubuntu) and the
nearest LUG (for everything else). Regardless, good luck and best
wishes in your advocacy efforts!

– – Tony Yarusso
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Another Update Ubuntu is talking about forming a LoCo council and accepting donations.

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Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the things I have discussed for a while is the idea of a LoCo
> Teams Council - this will be a council to help govern and run the
> community as a whole. The aim of the council will be to:
>  * provide a governing body that people can take decisions on the
> LoCo community, and be representative of that community.
>  * approve / reject resource requests, removing the bottlenecks that
> have experienced recently.
>  * a place for teams to take conflict issues to.
>  * a forum in which the future plans and direction of the project can
> discussed and debated.
> I have written up a document outlining the functions of the council
> - it is largely derived
> from the Forums/IRC councils in how core chunks work.
> Please head over and read it and post comments in this thread - don't
> edit the page directly, this way I can merge in the changes.
> 	Jono

It appears I lost the message about the donations but I will try to get another one shortly.


Friday, September 28th, 2007

Almost did the special characters again, but…. take a look at this and you’ll see why I almost did.  I know there are those who are turned off by politics, but this person is not your ordinary dark horse.  You see, this individual is raising money faster than expected.  The goal for this quarter was to raise $500,000.  With a mere few days away, the Ron Paul campaign has decided to up the anty so to speak… to $1 Million!

Keep an eye on this person.  That’s all for now.