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Shutting Down this Blog.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Thomas Holbrook II

In light of recent events, I decided that the best thing to do is to shut down this blog.  The entire site will be reorganized a bit.  Now it is my turn to shut my mouth for a change.

The rest of the blog will be intact.  I just will not post to it anymore.

Don’t Be Afraid of the GNU/Linux Community

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

By Justin Breithaupt

Ever tried to please the GNU/Linux community? Has it ever worked? If your really lucky it has and you haven’t received any hate mail or been banned from any sites. If your not so lucky and you make mistakes you might be on the other side of the fence but does that mean your down and out?

I’ve experienced this other side of the fence first hand and yet seen projects succeed despite what the media says or the GNU/Linux community. Why is this? It’s because the GNU/Linux community is divided among itself and can’t focus on what really needs to be done or who or what the real threat is.

Just for the fun of it why don’t I make a quick list of sites I can’t post on or have been banned from: (not banned they just won’t let me post) Banned Banned (not banned they just won’t let me post) (not banned any more and can post)

ect. the list goes on.

I’ve had anti-Christian activists groups rise up against me and the Jehova’s Witness made up of PCLinuxOS moderators. They were the hardest to shake off my tail and my hat goes off to them for the 2007 Internet Troll awards.

But you see I was young in the GNU/Linux community and didn’t know these bullies existed or how to behave. It was a completely new world for me to contribute by making something. I never knew there were any dangers in it. I figure if I would have kept up the defense long enough they probably would have sent someone to kill me. I’ve had a lot of people warn me about that too.

So what did I do that was so wrong? Well I’m going to spell it out to you. First I installed illegal codecs into my distro and released it without understanding what illegal codecs were, 2nd I made people jealous by making their software better and improving upon it and I even gave them credit, 3rd after they all started complaining to me and getting angry I reacted by trying to fix my mistakes and then asked them what to do and they banned me from and

At this point I had to make a decision to stop or keep trying to make something I thought was wonderful for my Windows users to switch to. During this time I made my first real mistake and started speaking out against the bullies that harassed me. This never works. The only thing that works is to quietly try to do the best that you can and know that others will eventually realize that you really have something assuming that you do. I spoke to several people including Ken Starks, Richard Stallman, and others. They encouraged me and gave me good advice.

After following the advice about 85% of the hate mail and comments stopped. Months later I was able to use again.

The first month I put out my distro over 40,000 people downloaded it. I got many positive remarks from CEOs and customers all over the world. They said it was the best distro they had ever seen for Windows users to switch to. I was not done. I still am not done.

The current result you see of Ultumix containing the Mac4Lin interface and a Windows like interface is still not complete. I would say that 50% of the features that I want people to experience are in Ultumix and that when I’m able to put money into the project I will hire programmers to help me to finish making my dreams into reality.

In one of Richard Stallman’s letters he says that it’s ok and he encourages you to sell free software. Of course now I know that my distro is not free-software according to Richard Stallman’s standards and that I’ll have to put out a free version as well. If it has the same name Richard Stallman says the FSF won’t support it.

I’ve had a lot of time to set back and reflect on what has happened and what will happen in the FSF and Open Source community. I have decided that there exists a problem that separates the two and that the Open Source community is devided among itself. That’s why I purpose a new idea to you. This idea is called the Freedom-Software Community. . The main statement is not finished yet and it’s a work in progress or beta but I have faith that together we can make it work.

*Nixed Blog › Create New Post — WordPress

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Editor’s Note: There has been some issue with this blog as of late, but after a period of time passes (24 hours), everything appears to be fine again.

By Justin Breithaupt

Yahoo Logo  V.S. WordPress

I was going to write an article about Yahoo being broken but then I tried to upload the screenshot to’s blogging thing and got this:

Warning: imageantialias(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /usr/local/oneclick/wordpress/wp-admin/admin-functions.php on line 2274

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/oneclick/wordpress/wp-admin/admin-functions.php:2274) in /usr/local/oneclick/wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 331

What does that mean? I don’t really care anyway all it means is I can’t upload my tiny image to this blog. Time to go with Google’s blogger. Well anyway lets get back to Yahoo.

Why do I use I’ve been asking myself that for the past couple years now.

 My Geocities Unlimited Account is limited.  Got a headache yet? Lets start from scratch. A little while ago I could upload large .iso files to my limited server at 100+ kbs via FileZilla. And so I created my website and it worked nicely with my small server space that I was allocated. Then this add poped up on my screen last month that said upgrade to the unlimited account and pay less per month. WOW! Right before I was ready to jump ship from Yahoo they decide to offer not only unlimited mail but hosting! I can’t pass this up. So I put my $12.00 a month down (minimum 3 month payment) for unlimited bandwidth and storrage. Yes thats right! So I begain uploading my Ultumix TM GNU/Linux distro last week. FileZilla stops and tells me I have a disk space error and gives me a link to contact Yahoo. I go to the link and call Yahoo (Almost forgot now I can only upload each file at 30+ kbs max via FileZilla now). A guy answers the phone who has no idea I actually thought my Unlimited account was unlimited. I explain the error and he ups my file space. Yesterday the same thing happens while I try to finish the upload. I call Yahoo again. I’m sorry but we will have to escelate this and you should be back in service by Monday. 🙁 . I told them I need to be able to upload 1 TB per week for my GNU/Linux mirror. They understood.

Now while I had them on the phone I decided to ask them about Yahoo Answers’ GNU/Linux discrimination and why they booted me for answering computer questions with GNU/Linux answers. They could not help me in that departnment but assured me Yahoo is very pro GNU/Linux. ??? I asked who to contact but they could not give me an answer other than e-mailing Yahoo Answers again.

Strike 3. Yahoo is out.

So today I’m at work wanting to read my E-mail for various reasons and guess what? The mail server is down. This happens like every 5 secons and it lasts for 24 hours. WHY! Our company also uses Yahoo’s IM in pidgin to communicate with some customers. So now we can’t communicate and my mail is unavailable. WHY YAHOO DO YOU PLAY THESE GAMES WITH ME WHY? I THOUGHT YOU WERE USING GNU/LINUX SERVERS NOT MICRO$OFT. WHY WHY WHY.

By the way when logged in to I got this error when going back to edit something in this article:


You are not allowed to edit this post.

The Ultumix Computer Radio Show Live!

Friday, May 30th, 2008

By Justin Breithaupt: usacomputertec

The Ultumix Computer Radio Show Live!

Well I was thinking of an extra way to get some income and advertise my computer services at the same time and so I thought why not start my own Radio show? It’s easy. So all I have to do is make some commercials to put on my show and that should be pretty easy.

Personal Message from the Host:

You can call in and ask Justin Breithaupt about Computers. Subjects will include GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Macintosh, hardware, Viruses, Security, Internet, ect.
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 20068 If you would like to call Toll Free you can call: (865) 329-7705 (not a toll free number) and we will hang up on you and call your number back. It will show up as an unlisted number.
If you would like to sponsor this Live Radio Show simply e-mail us at or call and leave a message at (865) 329-7705.
If your interested on being on the show or doing a private interview about a Computer product, service, or device then please contact us the same way as mentioned above. We don’t have to record it at our normally scheduled time.

Scheduled Time:

Time: 08:00 PM EDT

How to participate:

Call in:

  1. Dial: (724) 444-7444
  2. Enter: 20068 # (Call ID)
  3. Enter: 1 # or your PIN

Join from your computer:

  1. Click here to join the call or just listen along
  2. (Optional) Become a TalkShoe member

Facebook user? You can join this Call directly through the TalkShoe Community Calling Facebook application.

Listen to the Recording:
If you missed this event or want to hear previous recorded episodes click here.

Linux on ESPN This Weekend! April 19-20 2008

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Justin Breithaupt | *NIXEDBLOG

You read right! Watch ESPN on the 19th and 20th. Ultumix GNU/Linux will be on ESPN this weekend in Garfield County. As you see here on the Map there are 6 courses. 4 of these races have spectator areas. I will be putting up 2 billboards at each of these spectator areas with the Tux Penguin and ULTUMIX.COM written on top. Click Here To See The Bill Board Design. The Race is known as the Olympus Rally. since they will be driving past 2 spectator spots every day I will be making 4 signs and posting 2 at each of the two tracks each day. I don’t know if I will sell many computers or get any donations but I’m sure that these signs will be worth the $10.00 laminate board I’m putting them on. 🙂 If your in the local area and this race was anything like last year’s race I hope to see you there.

If you would like to help by donating to this cause please go to and donate ASAP. Thanks.

To digg this article please go here.

New Viruses that Can and Will Destroy Your Computer!

Friday, April 11th, 2008

by Justin Breithaupt


Ladies and Gentlemen I can finally say that my worst nightmare has become a reality. So what could be so bad? Well back when I was younger I thought of a computer virus that could literally destroy a computer. How? Well there is this little chip that controls all of the power settings and the boot sequence of your entire computer. Some call it the BIOS and some call it the CMOS but whatever you call it it’s the flash ROM thats in your computer. So I thought to myself what if someone made a virus that reprogrammed the BIOS / CMOS to tell the rest of the computer to put out maximum watts and volts that were possible and fry the machine? Then I was approached by a man that told me of such a virus that exists about 6 months ago. I didn’t think anything like this was out on the internet but I guess now I’m wrong.

I spoke to some computer techs in the Lewiston Clarkston area that work on Microsoft Windows Vista and XP computers. They told me that there are two viruses that do two different things and one of them makes your computer useless. Evidently one of these new viruses does reprogram your BIOS or CMOS but it does not fry your computer. All this virus does is make your computer into a door stop by telling the BIOS / CMOS to never let your computer start again. What’s even better is if you pull the Hard Drive out and run it in another computer the virus puts itself into that computer as well.

The second virus removes all administrative rights to your computer and gives them to some other guy somewhere else who now controls your computer. We don’t know what this guy uses your computer for but we can only assume it’s not good.

In case your wondering I have seen computers with these viruses for myself and they are real.

So why didn’t I know about these viruses? Well it’s pretty simple really. I don’t get Viruses on my computer and if one of my customers gets one they usually choose to switch to the GNU/Linux system and I just back up all their personal information, pictures, ect. and copy them over. This does put me at a bit of a disadvantage because I am out of touch with the frustration that most Windows users experience from Viruses, Intruders, Spyware, Trojans, and Adaware.

When Things Go Good, Things Break.

Friday, February 15th, 2008

That’s what happened to helios when he was mass producing CD’s with various *nix distributions on them.  Here’s a tidbit from his blog:

 The CD press we use to make Linux disks free to the public is broken. We need to replace an element on the machine and it’s going to cost us about 200 bucks. If you could, we sure would appreciate any help you might be able to provide. At this point we are about 190 disks behind.

Not good.  If anybody could help out, it would be awesome.  If money is not an option, then the next best thing is to spread the word.  😉

A Bit About Me.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

For those reading the last post, it was indeed a very good discussion. Let us not end such a thing with the ending of that post. Let us continue with a new post. There is a need for myself to clarify a few things, and in doing so, I hope that all readers will learn more about both themselves and the person that I am.

I am not a Christian. I stopped following that path (never really followed it) during the eighth grade. I kept it inside of myself until I blurted it out in the middle of social studies. We were debating how best to counter Saddam Hussein, a dictator. Being the foolish idealist at the time, I figured that convincing the people to rebel against their leader would work (just take a few aside, and plant ideas in their minds and hearts). Then he did. The teacher said, “Let us stop thinking like Christians for a moment…” I at that point was no longer a Christian. I blurted that out, and….. well…. The school I went to was in a town with multiple churches. You can guess how my fellow classmates took it: not very well. One told me that it meant I had no soul. Others tried to “save” me. I countered the question about believing in God with, “Do you believe in yourself?” A teacher misinterpreted it as me asking if the person believes they have the power of God. Thinking back, I now find such a thing quite amusing.

What was meant by that question of mine was the matter of self-reliance. Are you going to use your faith as a crutch in life, or are you going to finish that prayer at last and do something yourself to change the situation you are in? The whole non-Christian thing started off on an amusing note. We were discussing the U.S. Constitution in the seventh grade. We were going to be tested on it, and would have to pass it (mandatory in other words). We noted that the President, when elected, would often place their hand on the Bible as they were being sworn in. We asked what would happen if the President in question was not a Christian. I figured, “Why not find out…..” I figured that as President, I would simply follow the tradition, not out of agreement, but out of respect for it. I of course no longer have any aspirations for the Oval Office, especially since I now understand how the responsibility for any government can not be placed upon the shoulders of one official alone.

I sympathize with those outside of Christianity. I truly do. I know how Wiccans are often discriminated against. I have heard stories of lesbians getting beat up. I know how horrible such things are. However, I also see a precedent emerging that is quite dangerous.

In the beginning, Christianity, before it obtained the official title (right when it was hijacked by the Roman Empire), was discriminated against by religious leaders who felt their power base being threatened. It then eventually obtained dominance and became corrupt in a sense as those claiming to be a large part of that group started imposing their doctrine on everyone else. There were factional splits due to those with slightly more courage, such as Martin Luther, who did not like what he saw with the Catholic Church, and never intended to break away from them (it simply happened as a result of leadership feeling threatened…. after all, they wanted control). There are individual Christians who are quite close minded. I also recognize however that there are those who have very open minds as well.

Here is where I see the problem: points of view being crammed down other peoples’ throats in the name of tolerance. If we as a society can not convince people on our own that being respectful of others’ beliefs and values is a good idea, then we as a society have problems and will eventually fail as a society. We should not resort to laws forcing ideals down the throats of others. Like Jesse Ventura, I agree that morality can not be legislated. Why? We all have morals: they just do not match with every individual.

The link in the last paragraph may appear bigoted at first glance, but think about it for a moment. A business may refuse to hire somebody based on a Christian perspective, yet Christian churches have to hire those who are not Christian? Wait a minute? Is that not a double standard? As someone who is not Christian, I would not want to work at a church as I have no intention on joining the faith, which is the only reason one would want to go to one on a regular basis. I understand why the proverbial boot of a non-Christian is being thrust upon Christians: out of fear that they may lose ground in the fight for their rights. However, take note: I am not for Wiccan rights. I am not for gay/lesbian rights or womens’ rights. I am for everybody’s rights!

I find things being done to those outside of a rigid Christian perspective to be horrible. What worries me is that those fighting against bigotry are becoming bigots themselves against Christianity in general and jumping to conclusions that are quite dangerous in the long run. Allow me to explain….

Justin Breithaupt is a good friend of mine. I once asked him, “You do realize I’m not a Christian, right?” He says, “Oh yeah…” and moves on. What? No comment on how I shall burn in Hell? Nothing saying I am evil for not believing what he does? Take note that I am not an atheist either. I consider myself mostly neutral, but if I had to pick a side, I would choose Discordianism. I may not be as devout as I would like to be since I do not eat a hot dog every Friday, but I would proudly declare myself one of the few, the proud, the chaotic at the same time. The point is, we are both able to work together somehow. Did he discriminate against me as a non-Christian when I inquired about a notebook computer with set budget (it was fairly high)? Did he screw me?

If anything, I would say he screwed himself. He found a wonderful ASUS notebook online that had plenty of power to it. Dual core AMD Turion64 X2, nVIDIA GeForceGo 7600 (256 MB DDR RAM… and PCI-Express too), 120 GB Hard Drive, DVD-RAM Drive, 1 GB RAM, and other goodies were discovered online, and he charged me way under the budget amount. I was impressed, so I overpaid him. 😉

He runs a business called Computer Rescue. Through that business, he has migrated people away from Microsoft-based solutions. He used PCLinuxOS to do this as he found it to be the best at the time. He attempted to communicate with their forum in the past, and was attacked due to openly being a Christian, and having said content on his website, despite the fact that it was his site, not theirs. I suggested earlier that Breithaupt’s business be added to their list of OEM companies, but found out later that said post was deleted. He was not the only person attacked due to a “social issue.” Take a look at this video, and you might see what I mean.

How did you like that? That did not seem very nice, did it? I became so concerned, that I came very, very close, to asking the PCLOS group if they were going to do the same thing to Justin that they did to Lewis. I will not specify what I meant by that. Those on the developer mailing list of that distribution will more than likely know what I am referring to.

My apologies for getting off track. Now where was I? Ah, yes, discrimination against Justin for being honest about his beliefs. If one feels they are being attacked, what happens? They attempt to defend themselves of course. Another individual would later go on and on about Justin being crazy due to his beliefs. Justin at times does have difficulty clearly stating what he means, so he will come off as arrogant or bigoted at times when he is simply being honest. Remember the saying about honesty being the best policy? Well, that assumes that said honesty is clarified in the first place and is not misinterpreted. On that end, he does need some work. I feel a future podcast coming on……

Anyway, this shall conclude this post. Let the discussion continue.

Just a Random Post…

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Well… sort of. It shall be ambiguous to a degree for a good reason. We all have issues with other people from time to time. It is bound to occur sooner or later. This is simply some brain food of sorts. That is all this post will consist of. So allow me to give all the readers of this blog some insight.

  1. Not being Christian does not automatically make you better than a Christian: We all have different belief systems in this world. Even atheism is a belief system (one that excludes the belief in the existence of any deity). However, it is important to note that you are no better if you spend all your time trying to convince a Christian that they are mentally ill. Perhaps they are being too hyper about a project they are working on. Or perhaps they are overly honest about what they believe. The more you learn about someone else’s philosophy in life, the more you learn about yourself, which brings us to the next point.
  2. Nobody is better than anybody else, no matter what: I could be in the same room as George Soros. Soros would not be better than I am, nor would I be better than him. He has more wealth than I do, but in the end we are both human. We are both living beings capable of verbal dialog, thought, and emotion.
  3. Spelling and grammar does not make a person evil: Having unwritten rules concerning grammar and whatnot is very harmful to any group of people. After all, what if a person constantly making type-ohs is dyslexic? I have English grammar (American version anyway) mostly correct because I choose to do so. It is not perfect, nor will it ever be perfect. However, I do have a warning to grammar nazis out there: If you want to criticize my writing, feel free to waste your time. If it is a mere suggestion however, I will hear you out.
  4. Accusing somebody of being a racist is more effective if you have proof: This is another thing that gets me. I see accusations of racism, yet they offer no proof. Keep in mind that racism refers to ethnicity, not life style. 😉
  5. Making everybody happy all the time is hopeless: It will never happen. Instead, focus on the ones you are making happy, and figure out how to keep them happy.

Well, that is all for now. 8)

Ultumix has some new cool stuff!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Ultumix has the illegal lame, and win32 codecs removed and has the newest PCLinuxOS Kernel and Xorg 7.2.0-1. I also included Kormair fonts for Cambodia. This way we can give this distro to a new country. The latest drivers (except ALSA and x11 openchrome) have been installed and updated as of 12-18-07. There are new icons on the desktop to further simplify the user’s experience. The IRC chat has been fixed and there should be more people in there more often. If you use Ultumix please leave the IRC chat open when you are at your computer so that you can help answer other people’s questions. Also don’t e-mail me with hardware problems. Put them in the Forum. If your having a problem chances are someone else has the problem too and is looking for the solution also. I don’t want to send out separate e-mails over and over. The new mouse theme is a plus. Users that want something different will like it and elderly will be able to see it better (tested on the elderly). I also went ahead and included the downloaded biblical texts so that users would not have to download them. This way in foreign countries they can hand out DVD-Rs with an OS that has the Bible in English already on it. If they want another language they can download it. I’m not going to use all the disk space for all the languages of the Bible. That can wait for the Christian Edition. The current ISO is 2.8Gbs.